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Annabeth Gish

Annabeth Gish

After a powerful performance in “Desert Bloom” (1986)  when only 15 years old, Anne’s career moved from teen orientated films such as “Hiding Out” (1987), “Mystic Pizza” (1988), “Shag” (1989) & “Coupe De Ville” (1990) to TV’s “The X-Files” & the extremely popular cult dance flick “The Way She Moves” (2001).

Annabeth Gish Fact File :

Birth Name: Anne Elizabeth Gish
Date Of Birth: 13th March 1971
Place Of Birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Height: 5’ 8”

Debut Film: Desert Bloom (1986)

Signature TV Role:
Special Agent Monica Julieta Reyes in “The X-Files”.

Popular TV Movie:“The Way She Moves” (2001)               

Annabeth Gish

Annabeth Gish’s Top 10 Movies on DVD

Desert Bloom [DVD](1986) DVD
JoBeth Williams and Jon Voight are the heads of a troubled 1950s Nevada family in this insightful, low-key drama that juxtaposes the eldest daughter's entry into adolescence, a visit from a free-spirited aunt and the community's "celebration" of an A-Bomb test. With Ellen Barkin, Annabeth Gish, Allen Garfield. 104 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, French; theatrical trailers; interactive menus; scene access.

Hiding Out [DVD](1987) DVD
What happens when stockbroker-turned-witness Jon Cryer finds himself running for his life from the Mob? He finds refuge in high school, enrolling himself as a teenage student! Co-stars Keith Coogan, Annabeth Gish. 98 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Surround 2.0; theatrical trailer.

Mystic Pizza [DVD](1988) DVD
A spicy and saucy "romantic comedy with the works" that follows the travails and misadventures of three young women who dream of escaping the Mystic, Connecticut, pizzeria where they work. Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor, Vincent Philip D'Onofrio and Adam Storke head the cast in this "slice of life" tale; look for Matt Damon in his one-line film debut. 104 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital Surround, French Dolby Digital mono, Spanish Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: French, Spanish; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Shag: The Movie [DVD](1989) DVD
In the summer of '63, four young women travel to South Carolina for one last time of fun in the sun and "shag" dancing before they go their separate ways. Fast-paced, nostalgic romp stars Phoebe Cates, Bridget Fonda, Annabeth Gish, Page Hannah, Scott Coffey and Tyrone Power, Jr. 99 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby stereo; Subtitles: French, Spanish; trailer.

Scarlett [DVD](1994) DVD
The most famous love story in film history continues in the hit mini-series adaptation of the sequel to "Gone with the Wind." Follow Scarlett O'Hara (Joanne Whalley-Kilmer) as she travels to her family's Irish homeland to forget Rhett Butler (Timothy Dalton) and finds the journey filled with romance, tragedy and adventure. Ann-Margret, John Gielgud, Stephen Collins and Annabeth Gish also star. 360 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; "making of" documentary; interactive menus; scene access.

Don't Look Back [DVD](1996) DVD
When he accidentally comes into possession of a suitcase full of drug money, L.A. musician and drug addict Eric Stoltz tries to change his life by returning to his boyhood home of Galveston, Texas, and the friends he left behind, but the crooks whose cash he took will stop at nothing to get it back. Powerful thriller also stars John Corbett, Annabeth Gish, Josh Hamilton. 90 min.

Double Jeopardy [DVD](1999) DVD
Hit suspense thriller stars Ashley Judd as a Seattle wife and mother who is caught in a nightmare when she's convicted of killing husband Bruce Greenwood. Her dilemma worsens in prison when she learns her husband is not only alive, but had framed her for his "murder." Upon her release she devises a plan to gain a deadly revenge for which the law cannot punish her. Tommy Lee Jones co-stars as Judd's parole officer; with Annabeth Gish, Roma Maffia. 105 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround, French Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English; featurette; theatrical trailer; scene access.

Race To Space [DVD](2000) DVD
Young Billy dreams of becoming an astronaut. His father, a NASA scientist, wants his son to be more like him. Soon, Billy starts helping to train chimpanzees for the space program, where he develops a deep bond with a chimp named Mac who is to become the first primate in space. But when something goes wrong on Mac's mission, Billy and his father must work together to bring him home. Charming family drama, based on a true story, stars James Woods, Alex Linz, Annabeth Gish, William Atherton. 104 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English, Spanish; audio commentary; deleted scenes; featurettes; filmographies; "making of" documentary; outtakes; storyboard comparisons; trailer.

Pursuit Of Happiness [DVD](2001) DVD
Ad exec Frank Whaley's fast-paced life comes to a screeching halt when his girlfriend dumps him and his boss takes away his best account. Turning to married best friend Annabeth Gish, Whaley is so wrapped up in his own troubles that he barely notices that Gish's marriage is on the rocks. Will they be there to mend each other's broken heart? Amy Jo Johnson, Alex Hyde-White and Jean Stapleton also star. 93 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: Spanish; behind-the-scenes footage; biographies; theatrical trailers.

Buying The Cow [DVD](2002) DVD
When the topic of marriage comes up, commitment-phobic Jerry O'Connell's less-than-enthusiastic reaction sends longtime girlfriend Bridgette Wilson packing. Staring down the barrel of single life, the pair must cope with the dating scene, advice from well-meaning friends and a rush of mixed emotions surrounding their breakup. With Alyssa Milano, Ryan Reynolds, Bill Bellamy, Annabeth Gish and Ron Livingston. 88 min. Standard and Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround, French Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English, Chinese, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai; filmographies; theatrical trailers; interactive menus; scene access.


Annabeth Gish Videos & DVDs - Complete List

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