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The Australian Connection

Mel Gibson
Rod Taylor
Paul Hogan
Hugh Jackman
Olivia Newton-John
George Lazenby
Richard Norton
Daniel Goddard

Mel Gibson:
After brief appearances on Australian TV & a small role in the teen flick “Summer City”, Mel graduated to a starring role in the action thriller “Mad Max. Mel’s career continued to skyrocket with hit action films such as “Lethal Weapon”, “Braveheart”, “Payback” & “The Patriot”.

Rod Taylor:
Handsome, Australian born actor who made his mark in a variety of film genres including, the sci-fi classic “The Time Machine”, the Alfred Hitchcock thriller “The Birds”, the high-seas swashbuckler “Seven Seas To Calais” & the romantic comedy “Sunday In New York”  with Jane Fonda.

Paul Hogan:
Hoges was still  working as a rigger on the Sydney Harbor Bridge when he entered a “New Faces” talent quest which won him notice & a recurring role on “A Current Affair”. This led to “The Paul Hogan Show” & later world recognition  with his popular “Crocodile Dundee”  movie trilogy.

Hugh Jackman:
This Sydney born theater & TV actor made his big screen debut in the popular Australian made comedy “Paperback Hero” (1999) before going to Hollywood to star in a string of big budget films, most notably, “X-Men”, “Someone Like You”, “Swordfish”, “Kate & Leopold” & “Van Helsing”.

Olivia Newton-John
English born girl who was raised in Australia singing country & western music before returning to England to further her music career. After a number of hit songs Olivia landed the role of Sandy in the blockbuster musical “Grease”, opposite John Travolta. “Xanadu” & “Two Of A Kind” followed.

George Lazenby:
This former car salesman, supermodel & martial arts instructor was an accomplished skier & horseman who went straight from Television commercials & into the role of suave secret agent 007 in the 1st non-Connery Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”.

Richard Norton:
Australian born martial arts instructor & bodyguard to the stars who began his film career playing heavies opposite big name stars such as Chuck Norris, Sammo Hung & Jackie Chan before easing into good guy roles in films such as “China O’Brien”, “Rage & Honor” & “Sword Of Bushido”.

Daniel Goddard
Tall, Australian born model, who appeared in the Aussie soap opera “Home & Away” before winning the starring role in the action adventure TV series “BeastMaster”, a spin-off series based on the big screen “BeastMaster” trilogy starring Hollywood beefcake Marc Singer.

Russell Crowe
Nicole Kidman
Heath Ledger
Eric Bana
Kylie Minogue
Travis Fimmel
Errol Flynn
Geoffrey Rush

Russell Crowe:
Russ first gained attention playing a skinhead gang leader in the controversial Australian flick “Romper Stomper” but it was his portrayal of a tough cop in “L.A. Confidential” that paved the way for his Oscar winning performance in the sword & sandal spectacle, “Gladiator” (2000).

Nicole Kidman:             Although born in Honolulu, this elegant redhead from Down Under, took the glitz of Hollywood by storm when she married A-list superstar Tom Cruise. The fairytale romance may have since ended but this determined Aussie actress has bounced back to achieve Oscar glory.

Heath Ledger:
Aussie actor who began his career on TV shows such as “Sweat”, “Roar” & “Home And Away”, before getting his big Hollywood break with a starring role in the teen romance “10 Things I Hate About You”. Other big roles followed such as “Two Hands”, “The Patriot”, “A Knight’s Tale” & Ned Kelly”.

Eric Bana:
Australian TV comic who eased into film roles & gained critical acclaim for his performance in the Australian crime drama “Chopper” (2000). It wasn’t long before Hollywood came knocking & Eric soon won major roles in “Black Hawk Down” (2001), “Hulk”
(2003) & “Troy” (2004).

Kylie Minogue
Australian pop star who began her acting career in the TV soap “Neighbours” before making her big screen film debut in the 1950’s teen musical “The Delinquents” (1989). Other film appearances include, “Street Fighter”, “Cut”, “Bio-Dome”, “Sample People” & “Moulin Rouge”.

Travis Fimmel:
Australian born model who after a string of Calvin Klein advertisements was chosen by Warner Bros to star as Tarzan for the new millennium in the 2003 TV series “Tarzan” . This new adventure series takes Tarzan from the African jungle to the concrete streets of New York City.

Errol Flynn
Adventures Of Robin Hood
Australian born actor who established himself as a Hollywood swashbuckler & matinee star of the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s  in films such as “Captain Blood”, “The Sea Hawk”, “The Adventures Of Robin Hood”, “The Master Of Ballantrae”, “The Dark Avenger” & “William Tell”.

Geoffrey Rush:


More Australian Connection

Naomi Watts

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