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Babes Of World Cinema

Brigitte Bardot
Nastassja Kinski
Sophia Loren
Penelope Cruz
Catherine Deneuve
Chelo Alonso
Senta Berger
Diane Kruger
Paz Vega

Brigitte Bardot:                   This blonde sex bomb from Paris  France  enjoyed a film career that spanned 20 years, from the 50’s to the 70’s, her most famous film being the Roger Vadim classic “And God Created Woman” (1956). Brigitte retired from the movie business in 1974 to become an animal rights activist.

Nastassja Kinski:
Attractive, German born brunette who received critical attention & world recognition after starring in Roman Polanski’s epic romance drama “Tess”. Her career has since juggled between foreign & US films most notably “Cat People”, “Paris Texas”, “La Bionda”, “Harem” &  “Father’s Day”.

Sophia Loren:
Beautiful Italian actress who emerged from the slums of Naples & into a film career, starting with bit parts in productions like “Quo Vadis” & later bigger roles in “Attila” & “Boy On A Dolphin” before gaining international recognition & an Oscar for her work in the War drama, “Two Women”.

Penelope Cruz:
This classically trained ballerina began her acting career by appearing on Spanish television before easing into big screen foreign films such as “Live Flesh”, “Open Your Eyes”, “Woman On Top” & later Hollywood productions such as “Blow” & “Vanilla Sky”, with boyfriend Tom Cruise.

Catherine Deneuve:
Blonde, French beauty from an actor’s family who made her film debut while still a teenager in the black & white French film “The Twilight Girls” (1957). Other notable films in Catherine’s career include, “Repulsion”, “Belle de Jour”, “Un Flic”, “Tristana”, “Hustle”, “The Last Metro” & “Indochina” .

Chelo Alonso:
Exotic dancer from South America who found fame & fortune in the 1950’s & 60’s by appearing in peplums & spaghetti westerns, such as, “Sign Of The Gladiator”, “Son Of Samson”, “Goliath & The Barbarians”, “Morgan The Pirate”, “The Huns”, “The Good The Bad & The Ugly” & “Big Gundown 2”.

Senta Berger:
This Austrian beauty made her film debut at age 16 in the German comedy “The Unexcused Hour” & later went on to star opposite some of Hollywood’s most popular actors including, Kirk Douglas (Cast A Giant Shadow), Dean Martin (The Ambushers) & Charlton Heston (Major Dundee).

Diane Kruger:
German born actress whose early career consisted of ballet training, fashion modeling & roles in foreign productions, got her big break when she was cast as Helen of Troy (probably due to her slight resemblance to Ursula Andress) in the  big budget, Trojan War blockbuster “Troy” (2004).

Paz Vega:
After studying journalism for 2 years, Paz decided to pursue a career in acting. Roles in Spanish tv shows  gained her notice in the late 90’s. Foreign films such as “Sex & Lucia” (2001) & “Talk To Her” (02) followed before her big Hollywood break came opposite Adam Sandler in “Spanglish” (04).

Claudia Cardinale
Monica Bellucci
Gina Lollobrigida
Ornella Muti
Sylva Koscina
Elke Sommer
Asia Argento
Rossana Podesta
Marisa Mell

Claudia Cardinale:                    After winning an Italian beauty contest in 1957, Claudia quickly moved into films which brought her  international stardom. In a career spanning almost 50 years some of her most famous films include, “Girl With A Suitcase”, “Once Upon A Time In The West”, & “The Professionals” .

Monica Bellucci:
This Italian born beauty who once aspired to work in the legal profession did modeling in her spare time whilst studying at Uni. Modeling ultimately  led to  acting & roles in foreign films such as “Malena” & “The Apartment”  before achieving  world fame with the two  “Matrix” sequels.

Gina Lollobrigida:
A beauty contest winner & a graduate of fine arts who eased into acting in the late 40’s & was labelled by U.S. film audiences as “The best thing to come out of Italy since spaghetti”. Gina’s film career saw her co-starring with some of Hollywood’s big names including, Burt Lancaster & Tony Curtis.

Ornella Muti:
Popular Italian actress who began making big screen film appearances at the age of 15, made her mark in foreign films during the 1970’s but it wasn’t until 1980 that Ornella made it in Hollywood when she was cast as Princess Aura in the popular comic book fantasy adventure “Flash Gordon”.

Sylva Koscina:
Croatian beauty who studied physics at Naples University before becoming an actress. Famous films include, “Hercules” with Steve Reeves, “Swordsman Of Siena” with Stewart Granger, “Deadlier Than The Male” with Richard Johnson & “A Lovely Way To Die” with Kirk Douglas.

Elke Sommer:
Blonde, German model with real artistic skills (talented painter) whose early film career began with small roles in German & Italian productions. Some of Elke’s best remembered films include, “A Shot In The Dark”, “Deadlier Than The Male”, “The Wrecking Crew” & “Carry On Behind”.

Asia Argento:
Daughter of Italian film director Dario Argento who began making film & TV appearances in her native Italy from a very young age. Asia’s most notable films include, “Zoo”, “Close Friends”, “Trauma”, “Bits & Pieces”, “New Rose Hotel” & the popular Vin Diesel secret agent flick, “XXX”.

Rossanna Podesta:
After roles in foreign films such as “7 Dwarfs To The Rescue” (51) & “Ulysses”
(55), Rossana’s Hollywood break came when she won the title role in “Helen Of Troy” (1956). More peplums followed, “Slave Of Rome”, (60),“Fury Of The Pagans”
(1960), “The Golden Arrow”
(62) & “Hercules” (1983). 

Marisa Mell:
Austrian beauty who made her mark in Euro-Cinema during the 1960’s & 70’s, predominately in spy flicks & action thrillers such as “Secret Agent, Super Dragon” (1966) with Ray Danton, “Danger: Diabolik”
(1968) with John Phillip Law &  “Beast With A Gun” (77) with Richard Harrison.

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