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Muscle Men Of Peplum

Brad Harris

American born muscleman who moved to Italy to star in peplums, spy films & spaghetti westerns, such as, “The Fury Of Hercules”, “Goliath Against The Giants”, “Pirates Of The Mississippi”, “Black Eagle Of Santa Fe”, “Kiss, Kiss, Kill, Kill, “Spy Today, Die Tomorrow” & “Supermen”.

Fact File

Birth Name: Brad Harris

Date Of Birth: 16th July 1933

Place Of Birth:
St. Anthony, Idaho, USA

Spouse: Olinka Berova (1969 - ?)

Film Debut:
“Monkey On My Back” (1957)

The Fury Of Hercules

Brad Harris Movies on VHS & DVD

Samson(1961) VHS
Bodybuilder Brad Harris brings down the house as the strongman of Old Testament fame, splitting tree trunks with his bare hands, tackling whole legions on soldiers and more. With Alan Steel, Brigitte Corey. AKA: "The Fury of Hercules," "Fury of Samson." 97 min.

The Fury Of Hercules(1961) VHS
It's a labor of love for the legendary strongman, as Herc (essayed here by Brad Harris) comes to the aid of a beautiful queen whose land has been conquered by a cruel tyrant. 96 min.

The Old Testament(1962) VHS
Great Biblical action epic detailing the flight of the Maccabees into the desert and their regrouping for ultimate victory; with Brad Harris, Margaret Taylor. 88 min.

Goliath Against The Giants(1963) VHS
King Goliath journeys home from a distant war, facing savage storms and deadly sea monsters before vanquishing a pretender to his throne. Brad Harris, Fernando Rey. 95 min.

Massacre At Marble City(1964) VHS
Two-fisted spaghetti western about the son of a murdered cowpoke who recruits the local sheriff and a tribe of Indians to help him track down the men who killed his father. Mario Adorf and Brad Harris star.

Black Eagle Of Santa Fe(1964) VHS
This spaghetti sagebrusher with German roots showcases gladiator movie vet Brad Harris as a secret government agent sent to Santa Fe in order to look into the reasons the usually peaceful Indians have become hostile. What he uncovers is a devious plot conceived by a land-snagging rancher. With Horst Frank, Tony Kendell. AKA: "Gringos Do Not Forgive."

Death Is Nimble, Death Is Quick(1965) VHS
European he-men Brad Harris and Tony Kendall team to investigate a murder in Ceylon, where they find themselves battling the sinister Three Yellow Cats crime organization. Muscleman Dan Vadis also stars in this entry in the espionage series based on the "Kommissar X" books from Germany. AKA: "Three Golden Cats." 91 min. Dubbed in English.

Kiss, Kiss, Kill, Kill(1965) VHS
The first entry in the Euro-spy thriller "Kommissar X" series teams Interpol agent Brad Harris with solider-of-fortune Tony Kendall so they can investigate a series of murders of politicians and scientists in the Mediterranean. The team soon faces off against a team of super hit women. With Maria Perschy. AKA: "Kommissar X, Hunter of the Unknown." Dubbed in English.

So Darling, So Deadly(1965) VHS
Top-notch thriller in the "Kommissar X" series finds partners Tony Kendall and Brad Harris in the Orient, where scientists are being murdered at a rapid clip. The two look into the crimes and realize that Kendall is romancing the daughter of the next scientist on the hit list. Will the pair save him? Barbara Frey also stars. Dubbed in English.

Spy Today, Die Tomorrow(1967) VHS
The search for a stolen nuclear weapon from an American arsenal sends CIA agents into one danger after another in this exciting spy thriller. Lex Barker, Brad Harris, Maria Perschy star.

The Rattler Kid(1968) VHS
Smashing sagebrush saga about a military man, wrongly convicted for murder, who escapes and becomes an infamous outlaw while searching for the real killers. Richard Wyler, Brad Harris star. 86 min.

Death Trip(1968) VHS
A special agent brings LSD into the country for "military purposes," and when it gets stolen by some gun-toting criminals he and his partner try to find it amidst desert oil ruins and wild motorcycle chases. Gladiator film experts Brad Harris and Tony Kendall star along with Samson Burke of "The Three Stooges Meet Hercules." Based on the "Kommissar X" book series. Dubbed in English.

Kong Island (King Of Kong Island) [DVD](1968) DVD
Remote-control devices help turn monstrous gorillas into robots, but this practice is threatened when one of the descendants of King Kong tries to put a stop to the nefarious experiments. A Spanish-made shocker with Brad Harris, Marc Lawrence. 85 min. AKA: "Eve the Savage Venus." Includes the American version and the uncut European versions of the films. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

The Mad Butcher (Meat Is Meat) [DVD](1972) DVD
A diabolical shocker with some macabre laughs about a deranged sausage maker from Vienna who adds his wife as an ingredient in his product. He uses more deceased females for his sausages, but his devious plan is halted when a police inspector finds other things in police canteen lunches. Victor Buono, Karin Field & Brad Harris star. 81 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; theatrical trailers; bonus shorts; art gallery; radio spots.

Island Of Lost Girls [DVD](1973) DVD
An exploitation favorite focusing on a group of sleazy fellows who run a white slavery ring, wheeling and dealing women from their home base in the Orient. Brad Harris, Tony Kendall and Monica Pardo star in this entry in the "Kommissar X" series. Standard; Soundtrack: English mono; theatrical trailers; scene access.

Achtung! The Desert Tigers [DVD](1976) DVD
The kommadant of a POW camp in WWII Africa flaunts the Geneva Rules in the most mordant, depraved ways possible, torturing the women and inflicting brutal punishment on the men. The survivors band together to plot an escape, but can they overtake their sadistic captors? A Eurosleaze spectacle with Richard Harrison, Lea Lander, Gordon Mitchell & Brad Harris. 85 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English mono (dubbed); Subtitles: Dutch.

SS Hell Camp(1977) VHS
The S.S. knew no restraints in their quest for perverted pleasure and knowledge, and this shocker exposes the mad experiments at one sadistic Nazi camp! A female scientist captures virgins and keeps them imprisoned in cages while injecting men with a libido-enhancing serum. Can the local resistance movement stop her before she takes her tortures to the next level? Kim Gati, Sal Boris, Brad Harris and Macha Magall star. AKA: "The Beast in Heat," "SS Experiment Camp 2." 90 min.


Brad Harris’ Videos & DVDs - Complete List

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