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Cool Gents Of Cinema

Tony Curtis
Humphrey Bogart
Steve McQueen
Kevin Costner
Rod Taylor
Kurt Russell
Glenn Ford
Burt Lancaster
Brad Pitt
James Dean

Tony Curtis:                             This boy from the Bronx became a matinee star in the 50’s after starring in swashbucklers such as “The Prince Who Was A Thief”, “The Black Shield Of Falworth”, “The Purple Mask” & “The Vikings”, before moving into light comedy roles such as “Some Like It Hot”.

Humphrey Bogart:
Son of a New York surgeon who once served in the US Navy before beginning an acting career & establishing himself as one of the most unconventional leading men in cinema history. Bogie’s most notable films include, “The Maltese Falcon”, “Key Largo”, “The Big Sleep” & “Casablanca”.

Steve McQueen:                   Often described as “The King Of Cool”, Steve started out on TV’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive”, before making his mark in big budget Hollywood films such as “The Magnificent Seven”, “The Great Escape”, “The Cincinnati Kid” , “Bullitt”, “LeMans” & “The Towering Inferno”.

Kevin Costner:                          After a few  brief film appearances  in the early 80’s, Kevin gained notice as a fast shooting young cowboy in Silverado, before hitting the big time in films such as “No Way Out”, “The Untouchables”, “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves” & the Oscar winning drama “Dances With Wolves”  

Rod Taylor:
Handsome, Australian born actor who made his mark in a variety of film genres including, the sci-fi classic “The Time Machine”, the Alfred Hitchcock thriller “The Birds”, the high-seas swashbuckler “Seven Seas To Calais” & the romantic comedy “Sunday In New York”  with Jane Fonda.

Kurt Russell:
A child star who gained notice on TV’s “The Travels Of Jamie McPheeters” before becoming a Disney regular. This Versatile, easy-going actor has tried all genres, Musicals, (Elvis), Creature Features (The Thing), Sci-fi (Stargate), Comedy (Overboard) & Westerns (Tombstone).

Glenn Ford:
Charismatic & extremely versatile actor was was just as much at home in light hearted comedies as he was in intense dramas & action-packed westerns.  Glenn’s most notable fillms include, “The Big Heat”, “Blackboard Jungle”, “The Sheepman”, “The Gazebo” & “Superman The Movie”.

Burt Lancaster:
This New York born actor with the captivating smile & whitest teeth in Hollywood   became extremely popular in a number of genres including Swashbucklers (“The Crimson Pirate”), Westerns (“Lawman”), War (“From Here To Eternity”) & Drama (“Elmer Gantry” for which he won an Oscar).

Brad Pitt:
This boy from Oklahoma got his big break & world notice with a  memorable supporting role in the critically acclaimed road flick “Thelma & Louise”. Other notable films include, “Johnny Suede”, “Seven”, “Fight Club”,“The Mexican”, “Snatch”, “Ocean’s 11” & the Trojan War epic “Troy”.

James Dean:
After 3 intense, knockout, performances in 3 critically acclaimed movies, “East Of Eden”, “Rebel Without A Cause” & “Giant”, James Dean established himself as Hollywood’s hottest young star of the 1950’s. Tragically, an untimely car accident claimed his life, but Dean’s legend lives on.

Kirk Douglas
George Clooney
Paul Newman
Burt Reynolds
Richard Gere
Harrison Ford
Richard Egan
Tom Cruise
Robert Redford
Morgan Freeman

Kirk Douglas:                         With almost 60 years in the movie business, this very intense & versatile actor, with the famous cleft chin has starred in everything from westerns (Gunfight At The OK Corral) to  war dramas (Paths Of Glory) to sword epics (Spartacus) & in 2003 will costar in a movie with his son Michael.

George Clooney                   From low-budget flicks such as” Return Of The Killer Tomatoes” to  TV’s “ER”, Clooney eased into big screen films such as “Batman & Robin”, “One Fine Day”, “Out Of Sight”, “Three Kings” & “Ocean’s Eleven”, in which he played the ultra cool leader of a gang of Las Vegas thieves.

Paul Newman:                   Blue-eyed screen legend with over 50 years in the business & film classics such as “The Hustler”,  “Cool Hand Luke”,  “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid” & “The Sting”  under his belt, finally won an Oscar when he reprised his “Hustler” role of Fast Eddie in “The Colour Of Money”.

Burt Reynolds:                       From TV westerns (Riverboat) to big-screen westerns (100 Rifles) to action comedy (Smokey & The Bandit)  & tough guy cops (Sharky’s Machine), this quick-witted, half Cherokee Indian, good ol’ boy, was one of cinema’s most popular stars of the 70’s & early 80’s.

Richard Gere:                         ”American Gigolo” brought Richard some attention but it wasn’t until “An Officer & A Gentleman”, two years later, that Gere earned star status. After a number of box office disappointments Gere bounced back in 1990 with “Pretty Woman” & later in 2003 with the Best picture winner “Chicago”.

Harrison Ford:
Former carpenter who made a handful of film appearances before getting his big break in “American Graffiti”. In no time at all he developed a charismatic leading man appeal, playing larger-than-life characters such as Han Solo in “Star Wars” & Indiana Jones in “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” .

Richard Egan:
Former teacher with rugged, handsome good looks who ventured into acting in the early 1950’s. Richard’s film appearances crossed many different genres including westerns (Love Me Tender), Sword & Sandal (The 300 Spartans), Sci-Fi (Gog) & romantic dramas (A Summer Place).

Tom Cruise:
After a string of roles in teen films such as “Losin’ It”, “The Outsiders”, “Risky Business” & “All The Right Moves”, Tom’s film career moved into high gear with the box office hits “Top Gun”, “Rain Man”, “The Color Of Money”,“Cocktail”, “The Firm”, “Jerry Maguire” & “Mission Impossible”.

Robert Redford:
Charismatic blond leading man who became popular with female audiences in films such as ”Barefoot In The Park” & “The Way We Were”. Robert’s teaming with Paul Newman in “The Sting” & “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid”, produced two of his biggest hits at the box office. 

Morgan Freeman:
Highly respected actor who spent a good part of the 1970’s & 80’s in small TV & film roles before receiving critical acclaim & a “Best Actor” nomination for his role in “Driving Miss Daisy”
(1989). Morgan’s career reached a peak in 2005 with an Oscar win for his work in ”Million Dollar Baby”.

More Cool Gents Of Cinema

Charlton Heston
Michael Douglas
Matthew McConaughey
Clive Owen
Gerard Butler

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