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Daphne Zuniga

Daphne Zuniga

After small roles in teen slasher flicks such as “The Dorm That Dripped Blood” (1981) & “The Initiation” (1984), Daphne’s career picked up with a bigger role in “Crazy For You” (1985) followed by starring roles in “The Sure Thing” (1985), opposite John Cusack & “Modern Girls”  (1986) with Virginia Madsen. During the 1990’s Daphne had a long run playing JoBeth Reynolds on the popular TV series “Melrose Place”  (1992 - 1996). 

Daphne Zuniga Fact File :

Birth Name: Daphne Eurydice Zuniga

Date Of Birth: 28th October 1962

Place Of Birth: Berkeley, California, USA

Height: 5’ 8”

Debut:“The Dorm That Dripped Blood” (1981)

Signature Film: “The Sure Thing” (1985)

Trivia: When she’s not working, Daphne enjoys riding Harley Davidson motorcycles.

John Cusack & Daphne Zuniga in The Sure Thing

Daphne Zuniga’s Top 10 Movies on DVD & VHS :

The Initiation [DVD](1984) DVD
When this sorority has a "Hell Night," they mean it!! A chilling tale of horror and suspense set in a small girls' school, where new pledge Daphne Zuniga is plagued by horrible dreams and gets help from a sleep researcher. Co-stars Vera Miles, Hunter Tylo, Clu Gulager. 97 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; theatrical trailer.

Vision Quest [DVD](1985) DVD
Rousing drama that combines action, comedy and romance. Matthew Modine is a high school wrestler whose drive to become state champion gets sidetracked when he falls for beautiful, older houseguest Linda Fiorentino. Features a top rock score and concert footage featuring Madonna. 108 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby stereo; scene access.

The Sure Thing [DVD](1985) DVD
Romantic comedy from Rob Reiner about two college students--strait-laced Daphne Zuniga and fun-loving John Cusack--who are forced by circumstances to make a cross-country vacation trip together...and despite their objections can't help falling in love. Anthony Edwards and Nicollette Sheridan co-star; look for Tim Robbins as "Gary Cooper." 94 min. Standard and Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital mono, French Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; audio commentary by Reiner; featurettes; trivia; theatrical trailer.

Spaceballs [DVD](1987) DVD
Such a long time ago, in a galaxy so far away, you don't want to think about it...Mel Brooks lines the "space opera" genre up in his sights and fires away! See Winnebagoes in space, the villainy of Pizza the Hut, and Brooks as Yogurt, master of the Schwartz. Rick Moranis, John Candy, Daphne Zuniga, Bill Pullman star. 96 min. Widescreen and Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, French, Spanish mono; Subtitles: French, Spanish; audio commentary by Brooks; "making of" featurette; trailer.

Gross Anatomy [DVD](1989) DVD
It's "The Paper Chase" at medical school as wise guy student Matthew Modine tries to steer through the stormy waters of anatomy class while romancing strong-willed cohort Daphne Zuniga. Christine Lahti co-stars as the strict teacher. 109 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Surround.

Enemies Of Laughter [DVD](2000) DVD
David Paymer stars as a down-and-out playwright who, after penning a colossal flop, has seen his personal and professional lives go down the tubes. But when pal Judge Reinhold directs a successful documentary about him, Paymer suddenly finds himself back in the spotlight, working with a beautiful producer who insists she can make his play a hit on Broadway. With Rosalind Chao, Peter Falk, Bea Arthur, Marilu Henner, Daphne Zuniga, and Kathy Griffin. 91 min.

Pranks [VHS](1981) VHS
Five college students stay behind after graduation to close up an old dormitory building, but are gruesomely murdered one by one. Laurie Lipinski, Stephen Sachs, Daphne Zuniga star. AKA: "Death Dorm," "The Dorm That Dripped Blood." 84 min.

The Eyes Of The Panther [VHS](1989) VHS
Ambrose Bierce wrote the story on which this horror tale is based. A mysterious panther brings a curse upon a pioneer family which makes the family's daughter answer the call of the wild. C. Thomas Howell and Daphne Zuniga star. 60 min.

800 Leagues Down The Amazon [VHS](1993) VHS
Inspired by a Jules Verne story, this adventure tells of an outlaw who heads down the Amazon on a massive ark in order to escape a nasty bounty hunter and return to his Brazilian homeland. The travellers encounter warring natives and other dangers during their journey. Daphne Zuniga, Barry Bostwick and Adam Baldwin star. 85 min.

Stand-Ins [VHS](1997) VHS
Set during the course of an evening in Hollywood in 1937, this effort details the exploits of a group of women who serve as stand-ins for Tinseltown's biggest stars. Among the women who congregate at a bar and discuss their hopes and dreams are subs for Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth and Mae West. Missy Crider, Katherine Heigl, Daphne Zuniga star. 88 min.

Dog Gone [VHS](2003) VHS
After his canine partner is killed by a shady criminal, police officer Jack Wagner is haunted by the ghost of the deceased dog. Turning to a psychic for help, Wagner is shocked when the spirit of his pooch pal possesses the body of the medium's son. Now, the old friends reunite to catch the mongrel's murderer--with side-splitting results. Daphne Zuniga, Dorien Wilson co-star. AKA: "Ghost Dog: A Detective Tail." 92 min.


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