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David Carradine

Oldest son of  character actor John Carradine who played both good guys & bad guys in big screen westerns & TV shows such as “Shane” (TV) “Heaven With A Gun”, “Macho Callahan” & “Kung Fu” (TV) before starring in “Death Race 2000”, “Circle Of Iron” & “The Long Riders” with brothers Keith & Robert.

Fact File:

Birth Name:
John Arthur Carradine

Date Of Birth:
8th December 1936

Place Of Birth:
Hollywood, California, USA

Actor, John Carradine

Actors, Keith & Robert Carradine

Donna Lee Becht (1960 - ?)
Linda Gilbert (1977 - 1983)
Gail Jensen (1988 - 1997)
Coco d’Este (1998 - 2001)

Film Debut:
Taggart (1965)

Signature TV Role:
Kwai Chang Caine in “Kung Fu”

David Carradine
David Carradine
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David Carradine’s Top 5 Movies on DVD

Boxcar Bertha [DVD](1972) DVD
Small-town girl Barbara Hershey and train robber David Carradine team up to ride the rails in 1930s America in this bullets-flying tale, the first major studio release from director Martin Scorsese. Co-stars Bernie Casey and John Carradine. 88 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby mono, French mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; trailer.

Death Race 2000 [DVD](1975) DVD
Action-packed sci-fi satire from the Corman Studios. In the near future, the only sport left is the Trans-Continental Death Race, where points are accumulated by how many spectators are hit. David Carradine is the current champion, Sylvester Stallone and Mary Woronov are among his challengers; directed by Paul Bartel. 80 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; biographies; interactive menus; scene access; theatrical trailer.

Lone Wolf McQuade [DVD](1983) DVD
Meet Chuck Norris. He's the meanest man in the world. Now he meets the toughest opponent ever--"Kung Fu's" David Carradine. The two battle it out in a way you've never seen before! Barbara Carrera. 107 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English mono, French, Spanish; Subtitles: French, Spanish; theatrical trailer; scene access.

The Warrior And The Sorceress [DVD](1983) DVD
The mightiest blade! The most beautiful slave! The boldest conqueror of them all! David Carradine is the Herculean warrior battling frightening monsters, flexing his mighty muscles and going head-to-head with a four-breasted sorceress! 81 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; theatrical trailer; biographies; interactive menus; scene access.

Bird On A Wire [DVD](1990) DVD
A hair-raising action-comedy starring hunky Mel Gibson and hilarious Goldie Hawn. Mel's a former drug dealer who rats on federal agent-turned-pusher David Carradine. Now, Mel's in trouble and Goldie, a former girlfriend, joins him on a cross-country, chase-filled odyssey. With Bill Duke. 106 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Surround, French; Subtitles: Spanish.


David Carradine’s Top 5 Movies on VHS

The Good Guys And The Bad Guys(1969) VHS
Lighthearted western stars Robert Mitchum as a retired lawman who finds that old nemesis George Kennedy and his gang are planning a train robbery in his neck of the woods. Mitchum is targeted to be killed by Kennedy, but a change of heart brings the two enemies together to stop the crime. David Carradine, Tina Louise and John Carradine also star. 90 min.

Kung Fu(1971) VHS
The movie that was the pilot for the "Kung Fu" TV series features David Carradine as a young Chinese-American priest who fights villains while working on the railroads out West. A tale of determination, skill and karate mastery. Barry Sullivan and Keye Luke also star. 75 min.

Deathsport(1978) VHS
In the post-apocalyptic wilderness of the year 3000, horse-riding "ranger guides" David Carradine and Claudia Jennings do battle against marauding motorcyclists and cannibalistic mutants in this action-filled sci-fi precursor to the "Mad Max" films. With Richard Lynch, Jesse Vint. 83 min.

The Long Riders(1980) VHS
Three of the most notorious outlaw gangs of the Wild West--the James Gang, the Younger brothers, and the Miller boys--are portrayed here by three favorite teams of Hollywood siblings--James and Stacy Keach, Dennis and Randy Quaid, and David, Keith, and Robert Carradine--in Walter Hill's evocative saga. Score by Ry Cooder. 99 min.

Kung Fu: The Movie(1986) VHS
David Carradine reprises his role as Kawi Chang Caine, caught up in a battle with a Chinese warlord who's shipping opium to America and a search for the son he never knew, in the action-filled sequel to the cult TV series. Brandon Lee co-stars as Caine's high-kicking son; with Mako, Martin Landau, Keye Luke. 93 min.


David Carradine Videos & DVDs - Complete List

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