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Douglas Fairbanks

The Many Faces Of :

Zorro              &            Robin Hood

Douglas Fairbanks as Zorro

Douglas Fairbanks: Star of “TheMark Of Zorro” (1920) & “Robin Hood” (1922)

The big screen’s original swashbucker who began his career playing larger than life characters in a string of popular silent films such as “The Mark Of Zorro”   (1920), “The Three Musketeers” (1921), “Robin Hood” (1922), “The Thief Of   Bagdad” (1924), “Don Q Son OF Zorro”   (1925) & “The Black Pirate” (1926).

Douglas Fairbanks as Robin Hood

Douglas Fairbanks Fact File:

Birth Name: Douglas Elton Ulman

Date Of Birth: 23rd May 1883

Place Of Birth: Denver, Colorado, USA

Date Of Death: 12th December 1939

Place Of Death:
Santa Monica, California, USA

Height: 5’ 10”

Edith Louise Sylvia Hawkes (1936 - 1939)
Mary Pickford (1920 - 1936)
Anna Beth Sully (1907 - 1920)

Debut Film Appearance:
“The Lamb” (1915)

The Mark Of Zorro Poster

Douglas Fairbanks as Zorro Now on DVD :

The Mark Of Zorro DVD
The Mark Of Zorro [DVD](1920) DVD
The original! Douglas Fairbanks is the foppish Don Diego, who dons cape and mask to protect the peasants of Old California as the dashing "Zorro, the Fox." Noah Beery, Marguerite de la Motte also star in this, the standard-setter for all subsequent swashbuckler films. 90 min. Silent with music score.

The Mark Of Zorro (1920)/Don Q, Son Of Zorro [DVD](1920) DVD
Douglas Fairbanks shines in a swordplay-filled double bill. First, foppish Don Diego (Fairbanks) dons cape and mask to protect the peasants of Old California as the dashing "Zorro, the Fox." Noah Beery, Marguerite de la Motte also star in this, the standard-setter for all subsequent screen swashbucklers. Then, Fairbanks essays four roles in a classic, thrill-packed sequel, including both the title role of the irrepressible son, Cesar de Vega, and of his legendary father. With Mary Astor, Donald Crisp and Warner Oland; directed by Crisp. 218 min. total.


Douglas Fairbanks as Robin Hood Now on VHS :

Robin Hood(1922) VHS
Douglas Fairbanks was seldom more dashing as Robin of Locksley in this wonderful, elaborate production. Magnificent, opulent sets, fights in the fabulous Fairbanks manner, much more; with Wallace Beery, Enid Bennett, and Alan Hale Sr. in his first foray as Little John. 170 min. Silent with musical score; recorded at correct projection speed.


Douglas Fairbanks’ Top 10 Movies on DVD & VHS :

American Aristocracy(1916) VHS
Sparkling satire of America's nouveau riche stars Douglas Fairbanks as an athletic entomologist who goes to a hoity-toity New England resort to find a rare caterpillar. While feeling out of place among the rich and famous, Fairbanks falls for the daughter of the country's hat-pin king. With Jewel Carmen. 48 min. Silent with music score.

The Americano(1917) VHS
American engineer Douglas Fairbanks gets in the middle of problems in a Caribbean republic where the country's pro-American officials are battling against the Minister of War, who's plotting a takeover. Fairbanks performs some amazing stunts and falls in love with an island beauty. 54 min. Silent with music score.

Wild And Woolly(1917) VHS
In this comedy-drama that doesn't skimp on the stunts, Douglas Fairbanks pokes fun at his earlier roles. He's an Eastern dude obsessed with the Old West, but when his chance to visit the "wide open spaces" comes, it's nothing like what he expects. Written by Anita Loos. 58 min. Silent with music score.

The Thief Of Bagdad [DVD](1924) DVD
Roguish pickpurse Douglas Fairbanks sets out on a dangerous quest to win the hand of beautiful princess Julanne Johnston over an evil warlord in this classic silent fantasy. Thrilling swordfights, an underwater dragon and a flying carpet chase are just some of the highlights. Raoul Walsh directed, with art design by William Cameron Menzies. 149 min. Standard; Soundtrack: stereo music score; scene access.

The Black Pirate(1926) VHS
Perhaps Douglas Fairbanks' finest role was as the "king of the buccaneers" in this epic silent adventure, presented here in a restored Technicolor print. Out to avenge his father's murder by pirates, Doug soon becomes the leader of the Jolly Roger. Features the breathtaking scene of Fairbanks sliding down an enemy ship's sail with his sword, slicing it in half. With Billie Dove, Donald Crisp. Also includes a special "video scrapbook" of rare outtakes and stills. 90 min. Silent with music score.

The Gaucho [DVD](1928) DVD
In a villainous change-of-pace role, Douglas Fairbanks plays a roguish South American horseman who seeks a fabled holy city built into the mountains in hopes of robbing it, but later becomes its unlikely defender from a horde of bandits. With Lupe Velez, Eve Southern, and a cameo by Mary Pickford as "Our Lady of the Shrine." 96 min. Silent with music score.

The Taming Of The Shrew(1929) VHS
Hollywood's premiere off-screen couple, Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, made their only on-screen appearance together in this broadly comic adaptation of the timeless "women's liberation" play. Features the famous credit "Written by William Shakespeare, with additional dialogue by Sam Taylor." 66 min.

The Iron Mask [DVD](1929) DVD
The last silent swashbuckler for Douglas Fairbanks has him re-creating his "Three Musketeers" role of D'Artagnan, here joining with his old comrades to protect the King of France from a plan by evil Cardinal Richelieu to put an impostor on the throne. Marguerite de la Motte, Nigel de Brulier co-star. 103 min. Standard; Soundtrack: music score; outtakes; excerpt from 1952 re-release version; photo gallery; more.

Mr. Robinson Crusoe(1932) VHS
Tour-de-force performance by Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. as a man who bets $1000 he can live on a primitive island without the comforts of civilization. Great for the family. 70 min.

The Three Musketeers(1921) VHS
A lavish silent screen adaptation of the adventure classic, with Douglas Fairbanks a suitably dashing D'Artagnan, lending his sword to the efforts of king's fighters Leon Barry, Eugene Pallette and George Siegmann to save the queen's honor from the schemes of Cardinal Richelieu. With Adolphe Menjou, Barbara LaMarr. 119 min. Silent with music score.


Douglas Fairbanks Videos & DVDs -  Complete List :

Click here for complete list of "Douglas Fairbanks Movies" on VHS & DVD


The Many Faces Of Zorro
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