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Funny Men Of Film

Steve Martin
Adam Sandler
Paul Hogan
Chevy Chase
Jerry Lewis
Don Knotts
Billy Crystal
James Belushi
Ben Stiller
Matthew Perry
Anthony Anderson

Steve Martin:
From “Saturday Night Live” to A-list comedy film star, Steve has always made people laugh, even as host of the prestigious Annual Academy Awards. Some of his most memorable films include, “The Jerk”, “Three Amigos”, “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” , “Roxanne”, “LA Story” & “Bowfinger”.

Adam Sandler:
Adam went from stand-up comedy in L.A. clubs to TV’s “Saturday Night Live” & minor film appearances before winning his first major starring role in “Billy Madison” but it wasn’t until “The Wedding Singer” that Adam became recognized as a major comedic talent with A-list potential.

Paul Hogan:
Hoges was still  working as a rigger on the Sydney Harbor Bridge when he entered a “New Faces” talent quest which won him notice & a recurring role on “A Current Affair”. This led to “The Paul Hogan Show” & later world recognition  with his popular “Crocodile Dundee”  movie trilogy.

Chevy Chase:
This 6’ 4” Saturday Night Live “fall guy” became the first comedian to emerge from the popular TV show & star in big screen comedies such as Foul Pay, Fletch Caddyshack,  3 Amigos, Spies Like Us, Funny Farm & the 4 National Lampoon’s Vacation films in which he created his signature role.

Jerry Lewis:
One of the greatest  comics of the last  century whose film career skyrocketed after he appeared with Dean Martin in the comedy classic “My Friend Irma”. The duo became box office gold in the 1950’s with films such as “At War With The Army”, “Sailor Beware”, “The Caddy”&“Living It Up”

Don Knotts:
WWII veteran who became a household name after costarring as the nervous, bug eyed, Deputy sheriff in the long running TV series “The Andy Griffith Show”. Later, Don took his  popular persona to the big screen in film such as “The Reluctant Astronaut” & “The Shakiest Gun In The West” (1968),

Billy Crystal:
Talented, curly haired comedian who started his acting career on TV shows, most notably, “Saturday Night Live”, before making the transition to big screen films including, “Throw Momma From The Train”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “City Slickers”, ”Forget Paris” and “Analyze This”,

James Belushi:
Easy-going comedian who like his brother John began his career as part of the 2nd City comedy troupe. After  supporting parts in “The Man With One Red Shoe”, “About Last Night”, &” Salvador”, James eased into starring roles in the films “Red Heat”, “K-9” & “Taking Care Of Business”.

Ben Stiller:
Son of comedian Jerry Stiller whose early career consisted of small film roles & a stint on “SNL” before getting his break, directing & appearing in “Reality Bites”. However, it was his starring role with Cameron Diaz in “There’s Something About Mary” that gained him worldwide attention.

Matthew Perry:
Former junior tennis star who began his acting career in the late 1980’s with small roles in teen films such as ”Dance ‘Til Dawn” (1988) & “She’s Out Of Control” (89) before hitting it big with the TV series “Friends”. Other notable films include “Fools Rush In”, “The Whole Nine Yards” & “Serving Sara”.

Anthony Anderson:
After a couple of TV roles this larger than life comic got his big break when he was cast opposite Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence in “Life” (1999).  Bigger roles followed in “Romeo Must Die” (2000), “Me, Myself & Irene” (2000), “Exit Wounds” (2001) & “Kangaroo Jack” (2003).

John Candy
Eddie Murphy
Bill Murray
Jim Carrey
Bob Hope
Martin Short
Johnny Yune
Dan Aykroyd
Robin Williams
Jamie Foxx
Eugene Levy

John Candy:
John’s career started with comedy sketches on the Canadian TV show “SCTV” but  in no time at all Hollywood came calling & John soon established himself as Hollywood’s favorite funnyman. His most memorable role was in the John Hughes comedy classic “Uncle Buck”.

Eddie Murphy:
As a teenager Eddie did stand-up comedy routines in clubs before becoming a star on TV’s “Saturday Night Live”. Blockbuster movie roles, critical acclaim & 3 back to back Golden Globe nominations followed for his  performances in “48hrs”, “Trading Places” & “Beverly Hills Cop” .

Bill Murray:
In his early years Bill worked with his older  brother Brian as part of Chicago’s “Second City” comedy troupe, before easing into “Saturday Night Live” & later starring roles in big screen comedies such as “Meatballs”, “Stripes”, “Caddyshack”, “Groundhog Day” & “Ghostbusters”.

Jim Carrey:
This Canadian born comic with the unique ability to change his elastic face was discovered by Rodney Dangerfield who signed him up as his opening act at the “Comedy Store” . Small film & TV roles followed before Jim hit the big time with “Ace Ventura”, “The Mask” & “Dumb & Dumber”

Bob Hope:
Possibly the world’s greatest comedian, British born Bob conquered all comic mediums, including vaudeville, radio, TV & film. Bob’s show business career began in the early 1930’s & saw him notch up over 60 popular movies,  in a life that had him celebrate his 100th Birthday in 2003.

Martin Short:
Canadian comic who made appearances on “SCTV” & “Saturday Night Live” before graduating to big screen films such as “Three Amigos”, “Innerspace”, “Three Fugitives”, “Pure Luck”, “Father Of The Bride” & “Captain Ron”. Martin has also hosted TV’s  “The Martin Short Show”.

Johnny Yune:
Korean comedian whose appearances in the late 1970’s on “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson” soon led to roles in feature films, including a bit part as a talk show host in “The Cannonball Run” & later starring roles in “They Call Me Bruce?” & the sequel “They Still Call Me Bruce?”.

Dan Aykroyd:
Canadian comic & Saturday Night Live regular who was a criminology student before becoming a film actor & co-owner of the theme restaurant “House Of Blues”. Dan’s most notable films include, “The Blues Brothers”,“Dragnet”, “Ghostbusters”, “Spies Like Us” & “The Great Outdoors”

Robin Williams:
This Chicago born funny guy made such an impression with his small appearance on “Happy Days” that he was given his own TV show “Mork & Mindy” . Big screen films soon followed, most notably, “Popeye”, “Good Morning Vietnam”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “The Birdcage” & “Good Will Hunting” (97). 

Jamie Foxx:
Stand up comedian who moved quickly from small TV appearances (“In Living Color”) to his own TV show (“The Jamie Foxx Show”) to big screen supporting roles (“Any Given Sunday”, “Ali” & “Collateral”) & finally to a major starring role & a Best Actor Oscar for his moving performance in “Ray” (04).

Eugene Levy:
Canadian comic who began his career on “Second City TV” alongside John Candy. Some of Levy’s memorable films include, “Splash” (84), “Going Berserk” (83), “Club Paradise” (1986), “Armed & Dangerous” (1986),“New York Minute” (2004) & the hugely popular “American Pie” Trilogy (1999-2003).

More Funny Men Of Film

Steve Carell

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