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TV Superheroes

George Reeves

“The Adventures Of Superman” starring George Reeves
After numerous small parts in films such as “Gone With The Wind”, “Samson And Delilah”, ”Jungle Jim” & “Bar 20”, George found his signature role when he was cast as the man of steel in “Superman & The Mole Men” & “The Adventures Of Superman” TV Series.  

Fact File

Birth Name:
George Keefer Brewer

Date Of Birth:
5th January 1914

Place Of Birth:
Woolstock,Iowa, USA

Date Of Death:
16th June 1959

Place Of Death:
Los Angeles, California, USA

Height: 6’

Ellanora Needles (1949-1950)

Film Debut:
“Ride, Cowboy, Ride” (1939)

Signature Role:
Superman in “The Adventures
Of Superman” TV series.

George Reeves
George Reeves
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George Reeves as “Superman” on VHS

TV's Best Adventures Of Superman, Vol. 1 VHS
``Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive...'' George Reeves is the Kryptonian crusader in classic episodes from the '50s TV series. See the Man of Steel's beginnings in ``Superman on Earth,'' and watch Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane get their own powers in ``All That Glitters.'' Plus, the first Fleischer Superman cartoon from 1941. 60 min. total.

TV's Best Adventures Of Superman, Vol. 2 VHS
The ``never-ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the American way'' continues, as a criminal genius plots a Metropolis ``Crime Wave'' and a gang of lead-masked crooks threaten the Daily Planet staff in ``Perils of Superman.'' George Reeves, Noel Neill, Jack Larson, John Hamilton star. Also includes the animated Superman short ``Mechanical Monsters.'' 60 min. total.

TV's Best Adventures Of Superman, Vol. 4 VHS
``Look, up in the sky...'' It's ``double trouble'' times two when a crime boss impersonates Superman in ``Face and the Voice,'' then cub reporter Jimmy Olsen meets his twin in ``Jimmy the Kid.'' Classic TV fun with George Reeves, Noel Neill, Jack Larson; also features ``Showdown,'' a Fleischer animated Superman short. 60 min. total.

TV's Best Adventures Of Superman, Vol. 3 VHS
George Reeves returns, using ``powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men'' to fight for freedom in two action-filled episodes. A meteor heading for Earth and an amnesiac Man of Steel add up to disaster in ``Panic in the Sky,'' then a mad scientist puts Metropolis on ice in ``Big Freeze.'' The '40s Superman cartoon ``Magnetic Telescope'' is included. 60 min. total.

Superman: The Lost Episodes VHS
Two rare finds from the Man of Steel's early TV career that were never broadcast. First is 1954's ``Stamp Day for Superman,'' a special Treasury Department film with George Reeves and company pitching Savings Stamps, followed by the actual pilot for an unmade 1961 ``Superboy'' series. 48 min.

Superman And The Mole-Men(1951) VHS
George Reeves stars as the Man of Tomorrow, who has his hands full when a race of dwarfish subterranean creatures "invade" a small town via an oil shaft...and the panicked townspeople are on the verge of rioting. Supe's first feature film, later edited into two episodes of the TV series, is restored in its entirety. With Phyllis Coates, Jeff Corey. 58 min.


George Reeves’ Top 10 Movies on VHS

The Leather Burners(1943) VHS
No, it's not kids putting their dads' initials on wallets for Christmas gifts: it's fast-paced frontier action as Hopalong Cassidy and Andy Clyde attempt to get the goods on a scheming rustler who's turned an abandoned mine into an underground cattle pen. With Victor Jory, George Givot, and early appearances by Robert Mitchum and George Reeves. 67 min.

Hoppy Serves A Writ(1943) VHS
That is, if bad guy Robert Mitchum will let him! Hoppy's a Texas sheriff who must figure out a way to lure the outlaw Jordan Brothers gang (whose members include Victor Jory, George Reeves, and a young Mitchum) out of Oklahoma so they can be brought to justice. Andy Clyde also stars. 70 min

Colt Comrades(1943) VHS
No, it's not another book about the old days of Baltimore football by Art Donovan. It's Hopalong Cassidy and sidekick Andy Clyde as oil prospectors whose discovery of an underground well threatens bad guy Victor Jory's local water monopoly. Look for George Reeves and Robert Mitchum in early screen roles.

Bar 20(1943) VHS
The title, as every good western fan knows, refers to Hopalong Cassidy's ranch, and in this action-packed oater Hoppy's plans to buy some cattle for his spread hit a snag when he first must corral a gang of stagecoach robbers. Helping Cassidy are Andy Clyde and future Superman George Reeves; with Victor Jory, Dustin Farnum and Robert Mitchum (playing a good guy for once). 58 min.

Jungle Goddess(1948) VHS
George Reeves, Wanda McKay, Armida and Ralph Byrd star in this African adventure in which a plane carrying the daughter of a millionaire crashes in the jungle, prompting two pilots to try to rescue her and collect the reward money. Their mission is going to be tough, especially when it's learned she's become the queen of a primitive tribe protected by a wild witch doctor. 65 min.

Samson And Delilah(1949) VHS
Cecil B. DeMille's spectacular classic of the long-haired Biblical strongman and the beautiful woman who betrayed him to the Philistines. Stars Victor Mature, Hedy Lamarr, George Sanders and Angela Lansbury. Also, look out for George "Superman" Reeves as a wounded messenger. 128 min.

Special Agent(1949) VHS
Intense thriller involving a railroad special agent's attempts to solve the theft of $100,000 in payroll receipts from a train. The daughter of an engineer killed in the heist teams with the agent and romance eventually ensues. William Eythe, George Reeves and Laura Eliot star. 71 min.

Thunder In The Pines(1949) VHS
Logging pals George Reeves and Ralph Byrd each request a mail-order bride who, as luck would have it, turns out to be the same gal, lovely Denise Darcel. Which man gets to keep her is decided by a contest to see who can cut down the most trees. While the two tangle, boss Lyle Talbot gets Darcel's attention, but the hand of the lady is eventually determined in a poker game. 60 min.

Pirate Ship(1949) VHS
Energetic adventure about a band of counterfeiters led by villainous George Reeves who take over a freighter filled with their funny money and hold the crew hostage. Heroic Jon Hall tries to scuttle their scheme. Adele Jergens, Noel Cravat also star. AKA: "The Mutineers." 60 min.

Forever Female(1953) VHS
Aspiring playwright William Holden pens what he thinks will be a hit play, but when fading star Ginger Rogers wants the college-age leading lady role he must rework the script to accommodate her, and a pretty, younger actress is also vying for the part. Paul Douglas, Pat Crowley and George Reeves co-star in a witty comedy in the "All About Eve" vein. 93 min.


George Reeves’ Videos & DVDs - Complete List

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