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Muscle Men Of Peplum

Georges Marchal

Popular French actor whose 1st appearance in a peplum was the 1948 French film version of “The Last Days Of Pompeii”. Other notable peplums include “Warrior & The Slave Girl” (1958), “Sign Of The Gladiator” (1959), “Legions Of The Nile” (1960), “Colossus Of Rhodes”   (1961) & “Hercules V Ulysses (1961).

Georges Marchal in Legions Of The Nile

Georges Marchal Fact File:

The Dam On The Yellow River

Birth Name: Georges Louis Lucot

Date Of Birth: 10th January 1920
Place Of Birth: Nancy, France

Date Of Death: 28th November 1997
Place Of Death: Maurens, France

Spouse: Dany Robin

Above:Georges in “Legions Of The Nile” (1960)
Left: Georges & Anita Ekberg in a scene from the drama “The Dam On The Yellow River” (1960)

Georges Marchal Film Appearances on VHS & DVD :

The French Way(1945) VHS
Josephine Baker stars in this delightful film as a nightclub owner trying to open her club and act as matchmaker to two young lovers whose families are constantly feuding. Combines all the classic elements: a ``Romeo and Juliet'' love story, a happy ending, and the great chanteuse singing four songs! 72 min. In French with English subtitles. Georges Marchal also appears.

Diamond Hunters(1956) VHS
Rarely seen Luis Bunuel effort mixes "Wages of Fear"-styled thrills with the director's darkly satiric outlook on religion and human nature. After fleeing a diamond field in the Amazon, a group of misfits comes to depend on each other for survival in the jungle. The discovery of a crashed airplane sends them back to their greedy, violent ways. Simone Signoret, Michel Piccoli & Georges Marchal star. AKA: "Death in the Garden." 97 min. Dubbed in English.

The Battle Of Austerlitz(1959) VHS
Thirty years after his epic "Napoleon," director Abel Gance returned to the life of the Little Corporal with this look at the decisive 1805 conflict between French forces and the armies of Austria and Russia. The international cast includes Rossano Brazzi, Claudia Cardinale, Jack Palance, Vittorio De Sica, Orson Welles, Georges Marchal and Pierre Mondy as Napoleon. 118 min. Dubbed in English.

The Secret Mark Of D'Artagnan(1962) VHS
Dashing Musketeer D'Artagnan attempts to stop an assassination attempt on Louis XIII with help from partner Porthos. When they are injured by anarchists, a young noblewoman, whose uncle is behind the plot, and her maid attempt to help them. George Nader, Magali Noel & Georges Marchal star in this European spectacle.

Ulysses Against The Son Of Hercules(1963) VHS
Two of mythology's greatest heroes--Ulysses and, um, the offspring of Hercules--are pitted in a fierce struggle until both are captured by bizarre half-man, half-bird creatures. Now, they must team with each other to stop the nasties, controlled by a beautiful but evil queen. Georges Marchal and Michael Lane star.

Seven Dwarfs To The Rescue(1951) VHS
Snow White and Prince Charming don't have a life happily ever after after they find the Prince of Darkness (Georges Marchal) and his army wreaking havoc. The Seven Dwarfs use their ingenuity to save the day. This Italian production stars Rossana Podesta and Roberto Risco. 79 min.

The Dirty Game(1966) VHS
Rarely seen European spy thriller, featuring three tales of international espionage related by American general Robert Ryan. Undercover agent Vittorio Gassman is hired by the Soviets to kidnap an Italian rocket scientist; a series of attacks on American submarines is halted; and defecting agent Henry Fonda hides out from Iron Curtain assassins.Georges Marchal also appears

Belle De Jour(1967) VHS
This unseen-for-years masterwork from Luis Bunuel stars Catherine Deneuve as the bourgeois wife of a surgeon who seeks a way out of her dull life through kinky fantasies and by becoming a prostitute at a local brothel. Jean Sorel, Michel Piccoli and Genevieve Page co-star.Georges Marchal also appears as the Duke. 100 min. In French with English subtitles.

Sellers Of Girls(1967) VHS
After facing a series of difficult situations in Paris, a young woman gets involved with a white slavery/drug racket. While en route to South America, she becomes engaged to a crewman on board her ship, then tackles the syndicate head-on. Georges Marschal, Agnes Laurent and Daniela Rocca star in this seedy melodrama.


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