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Muscle Men Of Peplum

Gordon Mitchell

Gordon Mitchell

After a string of bit parts in Hollywood films (many uncredited), this US body builder found fame & fortune starring in Italian peplums throughout the 1960’s. Gordon’s most notable films include “Atlas Against The Cyclops” (1961), “The Giant Of Metropolis” (1961),  “Achilles” (1962), “Ali Baba And The 7 Saracens” (1964),  “Erik The Viking”   (1965) and “Revenge Of Spartacus” (1965).

Gordon Mitchell

Birth Name: Charles Allen Pendleton

Date Of Birth: 29th July 1923

Place Of Birth: Denver, Colorado, USA

Date Of Death: 20th September 2003

Place Of Death: Marina Del Rey, California, USA


Gordon Mitchell’s Top 10 Movies on VHS & DVD :

Brennus, Enemy Of Rome(1960) VHS
Rome is attacked by Brennus and his vicious followers. The invader falls in love with a beautiful princess, while holding the city under siege. Gordon Mitchell, Tony Kendell and Ursula Davis star.

Atlas In The Land Of The Cyclops(1961) VHS
Titanic Atlas matches muscles with a cyclops to save a baby and battles a sinister queen. But who's holding up the world? Stars Gordon Mitchell and Vira Silenti. AKA: ``Atlas Against the Cyclops.'' 100 min.

The Giant Of Metropolis [DVD](1961) DVD
A bare-chested muscleman in sandals journeys to pre-submerged Atlantis and challenges the despotic rule of King Cortez and his scientists, possessors of a Death Ray and the secret of immortality. Gordon Mitchell, Bella Cortez star in this sword-and-sandal epic. 90 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; interview; featurette; photo gallery; theatrical trailers.

Vulcan, Son Of Jupiter(1962) VHS
It's a muscleman epic with many supernatural elements as Jupiter's brawny son tackles monster men, underground creatures and others. With Rod Flash, Gordon Mitchell.

Fury Of Achilles(1962) VHS
It's sword and sandals of mythical proportions as Achilles leads the Greeks into battle against the Trojans in the fortified city of Troy. Gordon Mitchell and Jacques Bergerac star.

The Centurian(1962) VHS
Ebe, the daughter of an Aegian ruler, falls in love with Vinicius, a Roman centurian wounded in battle. But because of the bad blood between their people and the important suitors they each have, trouble ensues, leading to some nasty battles and problems for the lovers. Jacques Sernas, Genevieve Grad, Gordon Mitchell and John Drew Barrymore star.

Ali Baba And The Seven Saracens(1964) VHS
Sinbad and his crew enlist the downtrodden subjects of a kingdom ruled by a merciless tyrant in order to overthrow the ruler. Swords fly, Sinbad flexes and gladiator movie fans will delight. With Gordon Mitchell and Don Harrison. AKA: "Hawk of Bagdad." 85 min.

2 & 5: Mission Hydra [DVD](1966) DVD
Italian space adventure about aliens from the planet Hydra who land on Earth and abduct Earthlings to use as exhibits in their zoo. Bizarre blend of sci-fi, action, romance and social commentary stars Kirk Morris, Gordon Mitchell. AKA: "Star Pilots." Standard; Soundtrack: English mono; theatrical trailers; scene access.

Beyond The Law [DVD](1968) DVD
Western legend Lee Van Cleef is a man caught in the middle, as the ex-leader of an outlaw gang becomes the town sheriff and must choose between protecting a fortune in loot or siding with his former allies. With Antonio Sabato, Gordon Mitchell, Bud Spencer. AKA "Bloodsilver," "The Good Die First." 90 min.

Erik, The Viking(1970) VHS
Adventure on the high seas with Viking warriors sailing for the New World. Combat scenes abound as the Norsemen deal with enemies within and without. Stars Guiliano Gemma & Gordon Mitchell. 86 min.


Gordon Mitchell Videos & DVDs - Complete List :

Click here for complete list of "Gordon Mitchell Movies" on VHS & DVD


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