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Heroes & Villains

Jack Elam
Jack Palance
Lee Marvin
Sean Penn
Scott Glenn
Ray Liotta
Jason Statham
Vinnie Jones
Johnny Depp

Jack Elam:                  
From his very first film appearance as the killer in the cowboy short “Trailin’ West”, Jack established himself as a popular supporting star in both TV & film. In well over 100 roles during the past 50 years Jack has played both hero and villain, mainly in his preferred genre, westerns.

Jack Palance:
This lanky, 6’ 3” actor with the menacing looks played heroes & villains for over 50 years,  specializing mainly in larger than life  bad guys such as the vicious killer in the classic western “Shane”, but it wasn’t until 1992 that he won critical acclaim & an  Oscar for “City Slickers”.

Lee Marvin:
Lee was a rowdy teen who changed schools regularly. After a stint in the Marines & some work as a plumber in an old theater Lee Marvin stumbled into acting. His tough-guy persona & his trademark white-hair were enough to catapult him from small villainous roles to popular heroic leads.    

Sean Penn:
Intense, versatile actor who was once married to Madonna, started his acting career in teen exploitation flicks during the 80’s (“Fast Times At Ridgemont Hight”, “Bad Boys” ) before easing into hard-hitting character driven films such as “U Turn”, “Colors”, “Casualties Of War” & “I am Sam”.

Scott Glenn:
This former marine started out in bit parts on TV & film before gaining worldwide attention for his portrayal of the tough cowboy who steals John Travolta’s girl in the modern-day western “Urban Cowboy”, the film that made mechanical bull riding a cool activity  in bars & saloons.

Ray Liotta:
This intense, New Jersey born character actor with the handsome face & pockmarked features has specialized in playing creepy bad guys that hide behind an innocent charm. Ray’s most notable films include, “Goodfellas”, “Unlawful Entry”, “Narc”, “Turbulence” & “Cop Land”.

Jason Statham:
Former professional diver & street hustler from the UK who went from brief modeling stints & TV commercials to roles in films such as “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”, “Snatch”, “The One” & “Mean Machine” before starring in the action flick “The Transporter” (2002).

Vinnie Jones:
Professional football player turned actor who manged to portray hero & villian both on the football pitch & in the movies. Vinnie’s big break came with a  role as a heavy in “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels”. More film roles followed in  “Gone In Sixty Seconds”, “Snatch” & “Mean Machine”

Johnny Depp:
Unconventional leading man who has made a name for himself playing an assortment of oddball characters in films such as “Edward Scissorhands”, “Ed Wood”, “Cry-Baby”, “Don Juan DeMarco”, “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Blow”, & “Pirates Of The Caribbean”.

Lee Van Cleef
Eli Wallach
Richard Widmark
Mickey Rourke
David Carradine
Colin Farrell
Viggo Mortensen
Woody Stode
Nicolas Cage

Lee Van Cleef:
After gaining attention as henchman, Jack Colby, in “High Noon”, Lee Van Cleef flip-flopped from hero to villain in both A grade & B grade westerns, his most memorable films being “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”, “Sabata”, “Captain Apache”, “El Condor”,  & “The Magnificent 7 Ride”.

Eli Wallach:
After winning a BAFTA award in his first film “Baby Doll” (1956), Eli spent the next 50 years playing good guys & bad guys in films such as “The Misfits”, “The Magnificent 7”,  “Genghis Khan”, “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”, “Ace High”, “The Deep”, “Tough Guys”,  & “The Godfather Part 3” .

Richard Widmark:
This Minnesota born tough guy worked in radio & on Broadway before making a big screen impression with his chilling Oscar nominated performance as Tommy Udo in the crime thriller “Kiss Of Death”. Starring roles followed in films such as “The Alamo”, “The Long Ships” & “Madigan” (1968).

Mickey Rourke:                   This Motorcycle enthusiast who started out in TV movies during the early 80’s, eased into big screen starring roles in cult films such as “Year Of The Dragon” & “Nine & 1/2 Weeks” before throwing it all away briefly to become a professional boxer & later returning again to acting.

David Carradine:
Oldest son of  character actor John Carradine who played both good guys & bad guys in big screen westerns & TV shows such as “Shane” (TV) “Heaven With A Gun”, “Macho Callahan” & “Kung Fu” (TV) before starring in “Death Race 2000”, “Circle Of Iron” & “The Long Riders”.

Kevin Bacon:
After bit parts in films such as “Animal House”, “Friday The 13th” & “Diner”, Kevin gained attention as the cool dancer from outer town in the teen flick “Footloose”. Kevin later switched his personna with villainous roles in “The River Wild”, “Criminal Law”, “JFK”, “Hollow Man” & “Trapped”.

Viggo Mortensen:
This former truck driver & jazz musician  made his film debut as an Amish farmer in“Witness” before gaining bigger & better roles in “Fresh Horses”, “Young Guns II”, “Carlito’s Way”, “Crimson Tide”, “Daylight”, “G.I. Jane”, “A Perfect Murder”, “Psycho” & “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy.

Woody Strode:
Former football player & wrestler who made his mark with roles  in jungle adventures, gladiator films & westerns. Some of Woody’s most memorable film appearances include, “Spartacus”, “Tarzan’s 3 Challenges”, “Sergeant Rutledge”, “Shalako” & “The Professionals” (1966).

Nicolas Cage:
Nephew of Director Francis Ford Copola who got his acting break with a lead role in the 80’s teen classic “Valley Girl”. This intense, enthusiastic actor has been known to give his all for his craft in offbeat films such as “Wild At Heart”, “Kiss Of Death”, “Vampire’s Kiss”, “Face/Off” & “Zandalee”.

More Heroes & Villains

Robert Downey Jr.
Joaquin Phoenix
Javier Bardem
Tommy Lee Jones
Josh Brolin

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