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Irish McCalla as Sheena

TV Adventurers

Irish McCalla

“Sheena Queen Of The Jungle” with Irish McCalla
This blonde pinup model set male pulses racing when she put on the leopardskin outfit to become the screen’s first female “Tarzan” equivalent “Sheena”, in the 1956 TV adventure series “Sheena Queen Of The Jungle”. Other  notable films include, “She Demons” (58), “The Beat Generation” (59), “5 Gates To Hell” (59), “Five Bold Women” (60) & “Hands Of A Stranger” (62).  

Irish McCalla Fact File :

Birth Name: Irish McCalla

Date Of Birth: 25th December 1929
Place Of Birth: Pawnee City, Nebraska, USA

Date Of Death: 1st February 2002
Place Of Death : Tucson, Arizona, USA

Height: 5’ 9” 1/2

Hair Color: Blonde

Patrick Horgan (1958 - 1963)
Patrick H. McIntyre (1951 - 1957)

Film Debut: “River Goddesses” (1952)

Signature TV Show:
“Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle” (1955 - 1956)

Irish McCalla as Sheena

“Sheena” TV Series (1955 - 1956) Now on VHS

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle VHS
Six-foot siren Irish McCalla was the white goddess fighting evil in the harsh, unforgiving jungles of Africa, with Chim, her chimpanzee friend, in one hand, and a spear in the other. Christian Drake co-starred as trader and semi-love interest Bob in this 1955-56 syndicated adventure series.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle, No. 1 VHS
Sheena must stop typhoid-carrying gun runners before an epidemic breaks out in "Forbidden Cargo." Then, three convicts whom Sheena put away years earlier have escaped and want revenge on the jungle goddess, in "The Rival Queen." 55 min.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle, Vol. 1 VHS
Sheena escorts a Hollywood film crew into the bush to shoot a film, only to defend a tribe falsely accused of killing a white man, in "Forbidden Land." Next, in "The Renegades," Sheena assists Bob in looking for a cache of stolen diamonds. 55 min.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle, Vol. 2 VHS
"The Test" finds an animal poacher attempting to steal Chim away from Sheena, a big mistake. Then, in "The Magic Bag," Sheena and Bob encounter a crazed doctor attempting to use ancient tribal potions to revive the dead. 55 min.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle, Vol. 3 VHS
A crooked promoter faces a vengeful tribal chief when he attempts to take a member of the chief's tribe and turn him into the next big boxing champ in "The Ganyika Kid." In "The Elephant God," Sheena and Bob come to the assistance of a woman who must locate a crashed plane to claim her inheritance. 55 min.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle, Vol. 4 VHS
Sheena finds herself kidnapped by the "Leopard Men," a secret society of misfit killers who have been organized by a ruthless uranium prospector. And Sheena is nearly sacrificed in "Sacred River," after a fight between two tribes over a sacred river and hemp selling. 50 min.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle, Vol. 5 VHS
Sheena tries to convince a witch doctor that her magic is greater than voodoo when she, Bob and a photographer are captured in "Curse of the Voodoo." Also, Sheena must stop typhoid-carrying gun runners before an epidemic breaks out in "Forbidden Cargo." 50 min.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle, Vol. 6 VHS
Sheena encounters a trader dealing in illegal ivory and tries to save Bob from natives who believe he has the "Touch of Death." Next, in "The Lash," Sheena goes up against a former circus strongman (played by Buddy Baer) who's out for musk oil. 50 min. NOTE: This tape has some imperfections, but because of its rarity, Movies Unlimited is pleased to offer it.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle, Vol. 7 VHS
Three episodes are featured here. "The Rival Queen" finds guest star Buddy Baer playing a convict who escapes from prison and, with other escapees, tries to steal musk from the Nenomos tribe. Also included are "Jungle Pursuit" and "Rival Queen." 75 min.

Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle VHS
Swinging from the treetops in her leotard, it's Irish McCalla, the White Goddess of Kenya, with her ape pal Chim and Trader Bob. Two jungle adventures are included, "The Rival Queen" and "Eyes of the Idol." 60 min.


Irish McCalla Movies on VHS & DVD :

She Demons(1958) VHS
Campy thriller about four people stranded on a Pacific isle fighting a Nazi doctor who turns native women into hideous beasts. Irish McCalla ("Sheena, Queen of the Jungle") stars. 80 min.

Hands Of A Stranger [DVD](1962) DVD
Atmospheric fright flick about an accident victim who has a murder victim's hands grafted onto his body and begins seeking vengeance on behalf of the hands' former owner. Paul Lukather, Joan Harvey & Irish McCalla star; look for a young Sally Kellerman. 95 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English mono; theatrical trailers; scene access.


Irish McCalla on “The Milton Berle Show” :

The Best Of Milton Berle VHS
Two classic examples of why Berle was known as "Mr. Television." Elvis Presley makes one of his first TV appearances on a 1956 "Milton Berle Show" episode, singing and clowning with Miltie and guests Arnold Stang, Irish McCalla and Debra Paget. Next, 1963's "Milton Berle Spectacular" features Jack Benny in a comedy duel with Berle and a wild "Cleopatra" spoof with Benny, Laurence Harvey, and Berle in the title role! 120 min.


Irish McCalla Videos & DVDs - Complete List :

Click here for complete list of "Irish McCalla Movies" on VHS & DVD


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