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Jayne Mansfield

Multi-lingual, Marilyn Monroe-like Blonde with a  high-pitched voice & all the physical attributes of a Hollywood siren. Jayne made her first impression in the rock n roll musical “The Girl Can’t Help It” (1956). Other notable films include “The Burglar” (1957), “Will  Success Spoil Rock Hunter?” (1957), “Kiss  Them For Me” (1957), “The Sheriff Of Fractured Jaw” (1958), “The  Loves Of Hercules” (1960) & “The Fat Spy” (1965).

Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
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Fact File :

Jane Mansfield
Jane Mansfield
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Birth Name: Vera Jane Palmer

Date Of Birth: 19th April 1933

Place Of Birth:
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, USA

Date Of Death: 29th June 1967

Height: 5’ 5 1/2”

Matt Cimber (1964 - 1966)
Mickey Hargitay (1958 - 1964)
Paul Mansfield (1950 - 1958)

Film Debut:
“Female Jungle” (1954)

Jayne starred with husband Mickey Hargitay in the Italian peplum “The Loves Of Hercules”. In 1980 Loni Anderson played Jayne & Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mickey in the biopic “The Jayne Mansfield Story”.

Jayne Mansfield Films on VHS:

Pete Kelly's Blues(1955) VHS
Jack Webb stars as a young trumpet player looking for a break in this song-filled drama set in the jazz world of the Roaring `20s. The cast includes Lee Marvin, Janet Leigh, Edmond O'Brien, Ella Fitzgerald (who sings two songs) and Peggy Lee; look for Jayne Mansfield, in her film debut, as a cigarette girl. 95 min.

The Girl Can't Help It(1956) VHS
Sex, gangsters and rock and roll blend in one of the '50s best comedies and the film that made Jayne Mansfield a star. Mob boss Edmond O'Brien coerces agent Tom Ewell into making his talentless girlfriend (Jayne) a singing star. The performances by Little Richard, Gene Vincent and Fats Domino are a highlight. 99 min.

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?(1957) VHS
Wildly funny spoof of Hollywood and Madison Avenue stars Tony Randall as a struggling New York ad man who saves his company when he convinces screen sexpot Jayne Mansfield to endorse a line of lipstick, only to become a celebrity in his own right when he's assumed to be Mansfield's new beau. Scripter/director Frank Tashlin's adaptation of the George Axelrod play also stars John Williams, Betsy Drake, Mickey Hargitay and a cameo by Groucho Marx. 94 min.

Hercules vs. The Hydra(1960) VHS
Hubby and wife duo Mickey Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield team up in a mighty myth-adventure, as muscular Herc (Mickey) must save a victimized queen (Jayne) from the schemes of an evil Amazon (Jayne again). Also features a cyclops, talking trees and a three-headed dragon. AKA: "The Loves of Hercules." 94 min.

It Takes A Thief(1960) VHS
A black-wigged Jayne Mansfield leads a gang of crooks in this intriguing crime drama about a failed heist that lands member Anthony Quayle, who hides the money before he's caught, in prison. Upon Quayle's release years later, his former "friends" kidnap his child to pressure him for the whereabouts of the cash. Carl Mohner co-stars. aka"The Challenge"93 min.

Promises! Promises!(1963) VHS
The luscious Jayne Mansfield dares and bares all in this outrageous sex comedy set on an ocean liner where a sea cruise becomes a bed-hopping mix-up for Jayne, real-life spouse Mickey Hargitay, Tommy Noonan and Marie McDonald. See Imogene Coca as herself! See Jayne in totally superfluous nude scenes! See why this film was (honest!) banned in Cleveland! 74 min.

Dog Eat Dog(1964) VHS
Jayne Mansfield, Cameron Mitchell and Werner Peters star in this Albert Zugsmith production, playing bank robbers who encounter murder & heated passion while on the lam in the Mediterranean following a robbery. 84 min.

Primitive Love(1964) VHS
Way, way out mix of mondo movie and sexploiter featuring Jayne Mansfield as an anthropologist who checks into a hotel and, after sexily undressing, unspools a wild documentary for a professor. The docu includes "Mondo Cane"-like footage of naked Asian women, interracial cha-cha and bizarre animal customs. Also in the cast: Frannchi and Ciccio, twin Jerry Lewis clones from Italy. 75 min.

The Fat Spy(1966) VHS
A camp classic featuring an incredible cast, this spoof details the efforts of a group of people searching for the Fountain of Youth in Florida, uncovering young rock stars and the buxom Jayne Mansfield instead. Jack E. Leonard, Phyllis Diller, Brian Donlevy and The Wild Ones star. 75 min.

Las Vegas Hillbillys(1966) VHS
Country bumpkin Ferlin Husky lands in Las Vegas, inherits a dilapidated casino and turns it into a moneymaker with help from Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren (what a pair!). With Sonny James, Del Reeves and Richard Kiel. Spawned the sequel "Hillbillys in a Haunted House." 90 min.

A Guide For The Married Man(1967) VHS
A delicious farce that finds faithful husband Walter Matthau taking lessons in infidelity from neighbor Robert Morse. The wacky cast includes Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Jayne Mansfield, Inger Stevens, Phil Silvers and Sid Caesar; directed by Gene Kelly. 91 min.

Single Room Furnished(1968) VHS
Jayne Mansfield shines in her final screen appearance as a full-bodied teenager, left abandoned and pregnant by her loutish husband, who must streetwalk in order to survive. 93 min.


Jayne Mansfield & Sophia Loren
Jayne Mansfield & Sophia Loren
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Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
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Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
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Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
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Jane Mansfield
Jane Mansfield
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Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
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Jayne Mansfield
Jayne Mansfield
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Documentaries & Specials Featuring Jayne Mansfield:

The Wild, Wild World Of Jayne Mansfield(1968) VHS
Lots of bare-breasted beauties (including Jayne herself) populate this must-see "mondo" look at the legendary sex goddess. See Jayne and hubby Mickey Hargitay on location in Europe and visiting topless beaches and strip joints, tour their famed "Pink Palace," and hear Jayne "from beyond" talking about her fatal auto accident. 90 min.

Biography: Jayne Mansfield: Love And Kisses! VHS

Ronald Reagan & Richard Nixon: On Camera VHS
High camp with the highest office in the land. See Nixon's famous 1952 ``Checkers'' speech as he defends his political honor, and then enjoy TV commercials, a WWII propaganda short and a hot duet with Jayne Mansfield and Ronald Reagan.

The Jack Benny Show VHS
Well! Here's a bargain that Jack would certainly appreciate, a double feature from his beloved TV series. Joining Jack, Rochester, Don, Mary and the gang is special guest star Jayne Mansfield, followed by the 1953 New Year's show. 60 min.

The Dumbest Blonde VHS
Guest star Jayne Mansfield displays her knack for comedy--and wearing swimsuits--in this episode of the 1961-62 Hawaii-based adventure series "Follow the Sun," playing the not-so-dumb blonde girlfriend of business tycoon Brain Keith. With Barry Coe. 50 min.

TV Classics, Vol. 8: The Jack Benny Show VHS
Well! A pair of classics from the great series that teamed Humphrey Bogart and Jayne Mansfield, respectively, with the curmudgeonly king of comedy. Benny, Bogie and the Body equal lots of laughs! 52 min.

Sex Kitten Classics, Vol. 1 VHS
Meeeowww, sir, this enticing trailer compilation features three of the screen's sexiest starlets--Mamie Van Doren, Jayne Mansfield and Brigitte Bardot--in "coming attractions" clips from such racy favorites as "Girls Town," "Sex Kittens Go to College," "It Happened in Athens," "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?," "Primitive Love," "School for Love," and others. 60 min.

Bikers, Blondes & Blood! VHS
This tape was born to be wild! There's bikers, babes, stars like John Ashley, Jayne Mansfield and Jack Nicholson and clips from 30 years of action-packed action flicks. Also features the U.S. military training short "Blondes Prefer Gentlemen." 92 min.


Jayne Mansfield in The Loves Of Hercules

Jayne Mansfield in a tense scene from the Italian sword & sandal production “The Loves of Hercules (1960), aka “Hercules vs. The Hydra”.

Jayne Mansfield
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