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Kings Of The Jungle

Johnny Weissmuller

Although a sickly child, Weissmuller went on to win 5 Olympic Gold medals before starring in twelve Tarzan feature films,  at least a dozen “Jungle Jim” adventures & a spin-off  TV series. Johnny has certainly earned the title of “Cinema’s Ultimate King Of The Jungle”. 

Johnny Weissmuller Fact File :

Birth Name:                          Peter John Weissmuller

Date Of Birth:
2nd June 1904

Place Of Birth:                    Freidorf, Siebenburgen,            Austria-Hungary

Date Of Death:                20th January 1984

Place Of Death:                    Acapulco, Mexico

Height: 6’3”

Spouses:                              Bobbe Arnst (1931 - 1932)        Lupe Velez (1933 - 1939)         Beryl Scott (1940 - 1948)        Ailene Gates (1948 - 1962)       Camilla Louiee (? - ?)               Maria Block (? - 1984)

Signature Roles:                  Tarzan & Jungle Jim

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Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan Movies on VHS

Tarzan, The Ape Man(1932) VHS
Venturing into the dark depths of the African wilds, a scientific expedition searching for the Elephants' Graveyard instead encounters the untamed Lord of the Apes, who literally sweeps Jane off her feet and into his treetop lair. Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan co-star. 99 min.

Tarzan And His Mate(1934) VHS
Jungle lord Johnny Weissmuller returns in a hair-raising adventure, the second installment in the MGM series. The Ape Man and his British gal, Jane, see their exotic lifestyle threatened by the arrival of Jane's ex-beau and his ivory-hunting pal. This restored version features Maureen O'Sullivan's long-unseen topless swimming scene. With Neil Hamilton, Paul Cavanagh. 91 min.

Tarzan Escapes(1936) VHS
Action-packed Ape Man outing with Tarzan encountering stampedes and ferocious wild animals while tracking down his beloved Jane, who has been captured by hunters. Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Buckler and Cheetah the Chimp star. 95 min.

Tarzan Finds A Son!(1939) VHS
Well, the Hollywood censors wouldn't let Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O'Sullivan have a child out of wedlock, so the jungle-dwelling pair rescue an orphaned 5-year-old from a plane crash and protect him from greedy relatives after his inheritance. Fourth entry in MGM's Tarzan series also stars Ian Hunter and Johnny Sheffield as "Boy." 82 min.

Tarzan's Secret Treasure(1941) VHS
The treasure is a fortune in gold located deep in the bush, and to find it some rapscallions resort to holding Jane and Boy hostage in order to coerce Tarzan into helping them. Want to bet Johnny Weissmuller will deliver some "jungle justice" before too long? With Maureen O'Sullivan, Reginald Owen, Barry Fitzgerald and Johnny Sheffield. 81 min.

Tarzan's New York Adventure(1942) VHS
When Boy is kidnapped by circus owners and taken to America, Tarzan and Jane follow, and the Jungle Lord's first encounter with skyscrapers, traffic jams and suits make a humorous, exciting film. The final MGM entry in the series stars Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan (her last appearance as Jane), Johnny Sheffield, Charles Bickford; look for first screen Tarzan Elmo Lincoln in a cameo. 70 min.


Johnny Weissmuller “Jungle Jim” TV Series

Johnny Weissmulle as (Jungle Jim):
After a dozen “Tarzan” feature films, Johnny Weissmuller hung up his loin cloth to star in at least another 12 big screen “Jungle Jim” adventures before taking his action man “Jungle Jim” character to the small screen, for a 26 episode TV series, each episode beginning with a spectacular cliff dive.

Johnny Weissmuller’s Videos & DVDs - Complete List

Click here for complete list of "Johnny Weissmuller Movies" available on VHS & DVD


Johnny Weissmuller Book Now Available

Johnny Weissmuller Book

Book Title: Tarzan, My Father by Johnny Weissmuller Jr.

Book Description:
An authoritative insight into the life of the man most film fans consider the "one and only" Tarzan - Olympic swimming champion Johnny Weissmuller -- this book offers an intimate look at Weissmuller's early life, middle years, and later decline, through swimming training, Olympic triumphs, failed marriages, a Hollywood life as Tarzan of the Apes, and subsequent career as Jungle Jim.

Written by his only son, this biography is a sensitive yet unsentimental portrayal of the man who was Tarzan to movie fans around the world. Johnny Junior's inside perspective on his father's life and career includes interviews with his father's celebrity friends and former wives, recollections of conversations with his father over the years, and family stories involving international icons such as Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Robert Mitchum, Joe Louis, and many others. There are "surprises" in the text and many photos from private collections that have never before been printed or seen by the general public.Click the text link below for purchasing details:

Tarzan, My Father by Johnny Weissmuller Jr.


10 Tarzan Classics on VHS (non-Weissmuller)

Tarzan's Revenge(1938) VHS
Decathlon champ Glenn Morris takes over the reins as Tarzan, rescuing a young woman from the evil clutches of a demented ruler, who has designs on keeping her for himself in his hidden fortress. Co-stars Eleanor Holm and C. Henry Gordon. 70 min.

Tarzan And The Green Goddess(1938) VHS
A special opening sequence was added to this jungle thriller, the second feature to be culled from 1935's "The New Adventures of Tarzan" serial. The ape man (Herman Brix) and his allies are in Guatemala, where they must guard the fabled Green Goddess statue from crooks who want an explosives formula hidden inside it. With Ula Holt, Frank Baker. 72 min.

Tarzan The Fearless(1933) VHS
Olympic great Buster Crabbe dons the loincloth this time as the Lord of the Jungle, helping a young girl find her father, discovering a lost city and fighting treacherous Arabs. Adapted from the serial of the same title. 78 min.

Tarzan And The Trappers(1958) VHS
Enforcing the jungle's code of justice, Tarzan (Gordon Scott) tries to impede the actions of greedy trappers capturing animals for zoos and save a noble chieftain ("Scatman" Crothers) along the way. Also stars Eve Brent. 71 min.

Tarzan Of The Apes(1918) VHS
The screen legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs' jungle hero began with this faithful silent version, with Elmo Lincoln as the son of Lord and Lady Greystoke who, after his parents are killed in Africa, is raised by apes and learns to live by the laws of the jungle. Co-stars Enid Markey, True Boardman. 61 min. Silent with music score.

Tarzan's New Adventure(1935) VHS
The animal skin and vine have once again been handed down, this time to another Olympic star, Herman Brix, in this feature version of the serial "The New Adventures of Tarzan." Two expeditions, each seeking the legendary "Green Goddess" idol, square off in the Central American jungle, and only Tarzan can set things right. With Ula Holt, Frank Baker. 73 min.

Tarzan, The Ape Man(1981) VHS
Bo Derek is the swinging-est Jane yet in this sexy version of the legend. Dry, wet or undressed, Bo will steal your heart and bulge your eyes. No wonder jungle king Miles O'Keeffe screams, "ah uhh-uhh ah-uh!" Richard Harris co-stars. 112 min.

Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes(1984) VHS
Faithfully adapted from Burroughs' first Tarzan novel, this film from director Hugh Hudson ("Chariots of Fire") follows the adventures of the jungle lord as he is orphaned as an infant, grows up among the apes, and returns to England to reclaim his heritage. Christopher Lambert, Andie MacDowell, Ralph Richardson star. Special video edition contains footage not show in theatres. 136 min.

Tarzan And The Lost City(1998) VHS
Edgar Rice Burroughs' famed hero returns in this adventure saga which finds Tarzan in England, enjoying life as Lord Greystoke and about to marry Lady Jane Porter. When he learns that an explorer's quest for the fabled Lost City of Opar threatens his jungle domain, Tarzan slips back into the loincloth to help. Casper Van Dien and Jane March star. 84 min.

Tarzan The Tiger(1929) VHS
Frank Merrill, as Tarzan, must rescue Jane from native slave traders and keep thieves from stealing the "pretty pebbles" that make up the jewel city of Opar. With Natalie Kingston, Lillian Worth; 10 swinging episodes. Silent with music score.


Tarzan Posters & Stills

Tarzan Posters & Stills
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Johnny Weissmuller
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