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Kings Of The Jungle

Johnny Weissmuller
Ron Ely
Lex Barker
Buster Crabbe
Mike Henry
Travis Fimmel
Herman Brix

Johnny Weissmuller:             Although a sickly child, Weissmuller went on to win 5 Olympic Gold medals before starring in twelve Tarzan feature films,  at least a dozen “Jungle Jim” adventures & a spin-off  TV series. Johnny has certainly earned the title of “Cinema’s Ultimate King Of The Jungle”.

Ron Ely:
After  bit parts in films, including one in “South Pacific”,  this tall Texan became the star of the 1960’s “Tarzan” TV series. The series was so popular that a number of two-part episodes were released in cinemas, most notably Tarzan’s Jungle Rebellion & Tarzan’s Deadly Silence.

Lex Barker:
School Football star & athlete who became Weissmuller’s successor in the film “Tarzan’s Magic Fountain”. 4 more Tarzan adventures followed for Lex before he moved to Europe to star in numerous action films, most notably as Old Shatterhand in the “Winnetou” film series.

Buster Crabbe:
Buster’s 1st appearance in a loincloth was as Kasper The Lion Man in “King Of The Jungle”. This was followed by his 1st & only Tarzan film, “Tarzan The Fearless” (1933). The Sci-fi serials “Buck Rogers” & “Flash Gordon” came later, as did a string of B-movie “Billy The Kid” westerns.

Mike Henry:
Pro-football player turned actor who made his name in the 60’s with 3 different takes on the Tarzan tale. Mike’s Tarzan got caught up in the Bond craze & was like a secret agent in a loincloth. He later starred as Jackie Gleason’s dumb son in the three “Smokey & The Bandit” films.

Travis Fimmel:
Australian born model who after a string of Calvin Klein advertisements was chosen by Warner Bros to star as Tarzan for the new millennium in the 2003 TV series “Tarzan” . This new adventure series takes Tarzan from the African jungle to the concrete streets of New York City.

Herman Brix:
Former Olympic shot put champion who changed his name from Bruce Bennett to Herman Brix when he entered the film business. In a career spanning 50 years, Herman appeared mostly in B-Movies & film serials, his most famous being “New Adventures Of Tarzan” (1935). 

Gordon Scott
Casper Van Dien
Miles O'Keeffe
Jock Mahoney
Christopher Lambert
Denny Miller
Glenn Morris

Gordon Scott:                   Scott, the most muscular of all Tarzans was a Vegas lifeguard before putting on the lioncloth to star in “Tarzan’s Hidden Jungle”. Next for Scott was “Tarzan And The Lost Safari”, the first Tarzan shot in color, but his most famous would have to be “Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure”.

Casper Van Dien:
After a number of TV appearances & a starring role as James Dean in the biopic “Race With Destiny” Casper won a lead role in the big budget sci-fi flick “Starship Troopers” before becoming Tarzan for a new generation, in 1998’s big screen jungle adventure, “Tarzan & The Lost City”. 

Miles O’Keeffe:
Although, “Tarzan The Apeman” with Bo Derek was Miles’ first film & only appearance as Tarzan, the film did however, help to propel his movie career as an action star. His most notably action flicks being, “Sword Of The Valiant”, “Double Target”, “Cartel” & the “Ator” film series. 

Jock Mahoney:
Respected Hollywood stunt man whose early film appearances included bit parts in “Three Stooges” shorts before playing the bad guy in “Tarzan The Magnificent” (1960) & later starring as Tarzan himself in “Tarzan Goes To India (1961) & “Tarzan’s Three Challenges (1963).

Christopher Lambert:
With a small stint in French films to his credit, Chris won the role of Tarzan in “Greystoke”, the film that is arguably the definitive story of the boy who was raised by apes. After Tarzan Chris’ film career took off in the action genre with films such as “Highlander” & “Fortress”.

Denny Miller:
Former UCLA Basketball star who became the screen’s first blonde Tarzan when he made his film debut in the 1959 remake of “Tarzan The Apeman”. Other film & TV appearances followed including TV’s “Wagon Train”, “Love In A Goldfish Bowl”  and “The Party”.

Glenn Morris:
This tall, Colorado born athlete who became the 1936 Decathlon champion appeared in only 3 films, an uncredited bit part in “She Married An Artist”  (1937), the starring role in “Tarzan’s Revenge” (1938) & another small role in the college football comedy “Hold That Co-Ed” (1938).

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