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Kung Fu Masters

Bruce Lee
Jean Claude Van Damme
Steven Seagal
Sammo Hung
Michael Dudikoff
Richard Norton
Jim Kelly
Loren Avedon

Bruce Lee:
Considered by many to be the Greatest Martial Artist Of All-time, Bruce went from Karate instructor to playing Kato in “The Green Hornet”  TV series to a small role in “Marlowe” to superstardom in Asian films before starring in the ultimate Kung Fu Epic “Enter The Dragon”.

Jean Claude Van Damme : The boy from Belgium, known as “The “Muscles From Brussels” punched & kicked his way into film stardom in the late 1980’s with a string of popular action flicks including “No Retreat No Surrender”, ”Bloodsport”, “Kickboxer”, “Cyborg”, “Lionheart”, “Hard Target” & “Timecop”.

Steven Seagal:
This aikido-master, often referred to as “The Tall Guy” of Martial Arts, was once an instructor in Osaka Japan before becoming a personal trainer for the rich & famous in Hollywood, it was inevitable that  movie roles such as “Above The Law”, “Hard To Kill” and “Under Siege” would follow.

Sammo Hung:
This larger than life Kung Fu star who was trained in acrobatics, martial arts & dance at the Chinese Drama Academy, with pals Jackie Chan & Yuen Baio, eased into film production as a fight choreographer & soon graduated to acting, directing, producing & writing his own action films.

Michael Dudikoff:
”The Dude” or “Dean McQueen” (as he is known across Europe), began his acting career with small parts on TV & film, including a role opposite Tom Hanks in the comedy “Bachelor Party” before becoming the star of Cannon’s very popular  “American Ninja” (1985) film series.

Richard Norton:
Australian born martial arts instructor & bodyguard to the stars who began his film career playing heavies opposite big name stars such as Chuck Norris, Sammo Hung & Jackie Chan before easing into good guy roles in films such as “China O’Brien”, “Rage & Honor” & “Sword Of Bushido”.

Jim Kelly:
International middleweight Karate Champion of 1971 who gained notice after starring opposite Bruce Lee in the groundbreaking Kung Fu classic “Enter The Dragon”. Starring roles in martial arts flicks such as “Black Belt Jones”, “Hot Potato” & “Black Samurai” soon followed for Jim.

Loren Avedon:
After appearances in TV Commercials as a child & many years of Tae Kwon Do training, Loren got his big break with roles in the “No Retreat, No Surrender” sequels, “Raging Thunder”  (1989) & “Blood Brothers”  (1990), however, Loren’s signature film is “The King Of The Kickboxers” (1991).

Jackie Chan
Jet Li
Chuck Norris
Jimmy Wang Yu
Sho Kosugi
Brandon Lee
Mark Dacascos
Don The Dragon Wilson

Jackie Chan:
From stuntman in Bruce Lee films, to international superstar, Jackie has successfully combined comedy with Kung Fu in a number of big budget Asian & Hollywood productions including, “Police Story”, “Rumble In The Bronx”, “Rush Hour”, Shanghai Noon”  & “The Tuxedo”.

Jet Li:
It was inevitable that this world champion martial artist (winner of 5 Gold medals in wushu, China’s national martial arts sport) would ease into movies & after nearly 20 years in Asian flicks Jet got his big Hollywood break as a villain in “Lethal Weapon 4”. This led to other U.S. film roles.

Chuck Norris:
After becoming the world middleweight karate champion & appearing with Bruce Lee in “The Way Of The Dragon”, Chuck’s film career snowballed as starring roles followed in “Good Guys Wear Black”, “The Octagon”, “Lone Wolf McQuade”, “Missing In Action” & “Code Of Silence”

Jimmy Wang Yu:
This former Hong Kong swimming champion was a martial arts star in Asia even before the legendary Bruce Lee. Jimmy made his mark in Kung Fu classics such as “Chinese Boxer”, “One Armed Boxer” & the action-packed  Australian cop thriller “The Man From Hong Kong” (1975).  

Sho Kosugi:
After costarring opposite Franco Nero in “Enter The Ninja” Sho became a star in his own right & the face of 1980’s Ninja films, his most famous kung fu flicks being “Revenge Of The Ninja”, “Ninja III”, “Pray For Death”,  “9 Deaths Of The Ninja”, “Rage Of Honor”, “Black Eagle” &“Blind Fury”

Brandon Lee:
Son of Kung Fu legend Bruce Lee whose untimely accidental death on a film set shocked fans around the word.  Brandon starred in but a handful of films, most notably, “Kung Fu The Movie”, “Legacy Of Rage”, “Laser Mission”,“Showdown In Little Tokyo”, “Rapid Fire” & “The Crow” (1994).  

Mark Dacascos:
This Hawaiian born son of a martial arts instructor won many karate competitions during his youth before  breaking into kung fu action films during the 90’s. Mark’s most notable films include “Only The Strong”, “Double Dragon”, “Drive”, “Kickboxer 5”, “Crying Freeman” & “Boogie Boy”.

Don “The Dragon” Wilson:
After making his big screen film debut as John Cusack’s sparring partner in the teen comedy “Say Anything”  (1989), Don went on to star in the popular, long running kung fu film series titled, “Bloodfist”. The series began in 1989 & continued on until 1996 spawning 7 sequels along the way.

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