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The Bond Girls

Luciana Paluzzi

Italian beauty who began her acting career with an uncredited appearance in the romance classic “Three Coins In A Fountain” (1954). Her film roles included foreign & Hollywood productions, most notably, “Hercules” (1957), “Muscle Beach Party”   (1964), “To Trap A Spy” (1964), “Thunderball”  (1965), “Murder For Sale” (1968), “Captain Nemo & The Underwater City (1969) & “Medusa” (1973).

Luciana Paluzzi

Fact File :

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Birth Name: Luciana Paluzzi

Date Of Birth: 10th June 1937

Place Of Birth: Rome, Italy

Bret Halsey (1960 - 1962)
Mike Solomon (1980 - ?)

Film Debut:
“Three Coins In A Fountain”
(1954 - Uncredited)

Bond Film:
Luciana played the villainous Fiona Volpe opposite Sean Connery in the underwater  Bond spectacular “Thunderball” (1965).

Luciana Paluzzi Top 10 Films on DVD:

Thunderball (Gift Set) [DVD](1965) DVD
It's 007 versus SPECTRE when evil agent Largo holds the Bahamas hostage with a nuclear warhead. Sean Connery as Bond must forego his suntan and suit up for an action-packed underwater adventure. Adolfo Celi, Claudine Auger & Luciana Paluzzi also star. 129 min.

Hercules [DVD](1959) DVD
The original "swords, sandals and sweat" spectacle stars Steve Reeves as the muscular Greek superhero who asks the gods to make him mortal so he can find love and share in the adventures of humans. His mortal adventures include falling in love with beautiful princess Sylva Koscina and going on a perilous journey with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece. 105 min. Also stars Luciana Paluzzi. Standard; Soundtrack: English dubbed; scene access.

The One Eyed Soldiers(1966) VHS
A United Nations physician mysteriously dies, and his final words to the local police chief refer to the location of hidden treasure. Soon, the race is on to decipher his message and learn where the treasure is buried. Involved in the pursuit are the physician's daughter, an American newspaperman, the police chief and several unscrupulous characters. Dale Robertson, Luciana Paluzzi and Guy Deghy star in this gripping and sexy European crime suspenser. 90 min.

Man Of Legend(1971) VHS
Falsely accused of espionage during World War I, a German soldier escapes and flees to Africa, where he joins the French Foreign Legion and becomes romantically involved with a rebel Moroccan chieftain's daughter. Peter Strauss, Tina Aumont, Luciana Paluzzi star. 95 min.

Come Together(1972) VHS
This erotic blast from the past stars "spaghetti western" star Tony Anthony as an American stuntman working in Italy who gets partnered in a kinky threesome involving swinging tourists Luciana Paluzzi and Rosemary Dexter. The three visit Pompeii, get hot in bed and wear hip threads as Anthony waxes philosophically as the narrator of this sensuous meditation on free love.

Black Gunn [DVD](1972) DVD
Tough-as-nails black action yarn with Jim Brown as an L.A. nightclub owner whose radical brother is killed after swiping cash from mobster Martin Landau's bookie joint in order to fund his militant army. Brown joins forces with some of his brother's politically motivated pals to take Landau and his syndicate down. With Bernie Casey, Brenda Sykes, Luciana Paluzzi, and athletes Deacon Jones, Vida Blue, Gene Washington star. 97 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English.

Mean Mother(1973) VHS
After he's double-crossed by the Mob and his girlfriend is killed, a heroin smuggler vows vengeance--and gets it--in this explosive urban actioner. Clifton Brown (aka pop singer Dobie Gray), Dennis Safren, Luciana Paluzzi star. 89 min.

Medusa(1976) VHS
The Greek Isles are the setting for this tale of greed, forbidden love and revenge, as mining empire heir George Hamilton forms a deadly bond with gangster Cameron Mitchell. With Luciana Paluzzi. 103 min. AKA: "Twisted." 103 min.

The Sensuous Nurse(1979) VHS
You've never seen "tender loving care" like this before, as sultry Ursula Andress plays a nurse hired to "take care of" an elderly millionaire by his greedy heirs. With Jack Palance and Luciana Paluzzi, this is the complete, uncut version of the film which features sequences with full-frontal nudity. 81 min.

Muscle Beach Party (1964)/Ski Party [DVD](1965) DVD
Surf's up! Frankie and Annette sure have their hands full in this one, what with gym owner Don Rickles and his musclemen trying to take over the beach, lovesick heiress Luciana Paluzzi trying to snare Frankie, and Little Stevie Wonder stopping by to perform "Happy Street." With Morey Amsterdam, Buddy Hackett. Next up, Frankie trades in his spoon for some slats and hits the slopes with Dwayne Hickman to find out why their gals are swooning over ski bum Aron Kincaid...with the guys resorting to dressing up as girls! Songs include "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by James Brown, "Lots, Lots More" and "Ski Party." With Deborah Walley, Yvonne Craig, Lesley Gore. 186 min. total. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono.


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