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Cult Movie Books



“Cult Movies” by Phillip French - Book Description
Possibly a future cult object itself, this volume's odd facts, memorable moments, and key lines from all-time favorite films make it an endlessly entertaining and engrossing read that cuts across all generations of cultist movie fans. Informative and all-inclusive, the book focuses on 150 unique films that have withstood the test of time: comedies, dramas, mysteries, westerns, political thrillers, war movies, horror and sci-fi, foreign films, and even early soft-core nudies. Classic titles include Airplane, Blowup, Manhunter, Bad Day at Black Rock, The Deer Hunter, Blade Runner, Mad Max, and The Battleship Potemkin. Entries include credits, running time, plot synopsis, and unforgettable lines, along with great still shots from each film.




Teen Movie Books

“Generation Multiplex” by Timothy Shary - Book Description
Drawing examples from hundreds of popular & lesser-known youth-themed films, Timothy Shary here offers a comprehensive examination of the representation of teenagers in American cinema in the 80s & 90s. He focuses on five subgenres - school, delinquency, horror, science & romance/sexuality - to explore how they represent teens & their concerns, how these representations change over time & how youth movies both mirror & shape societal expectations & fears about teen identities & roles. He concludes that while some teen films continue to exploit various notions of youth sexuality & violence, most teen films of the past generation have shown an increasing diversity of adolescent experiences & have been sympathetic to the particular challenges that teens face.






Sword & Sandal Movie Books


Retro Stud” by David Chapman - Book Description
Let's face it, sex sells. Posters that teem with muscle-rippling heroes in skimpy loincloths, frail beauties in diaphanous gowns, pointy-bearded tyrants, and evil queens with heavy makeup and beehive hairdos were all classic lures that used to tempt patrons into theaters to see the sword-and-sandal movies of forty years ago. The posters advertising the films were every bit as dramatic and alluring as the movies themselves, and theater patrons lined up to SEE these "surging spectacles of savagery and sex!" Studio marketing departments learned quickly how to keep the public interested in this distinctive genre. Retro Stud displays beautifully reproduced artwork from around the world—replete with the sly sexuality and lithographed excitement that was typical of these posters.

Spaghetti Western Movie Books





Creature Feature Movie Books

Creature Features: The Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Movie Guide” by John Stanley - Book Description

Updated to include the most recent movie mega-hits, Creature Features has it all--the shockers, schlockers, blockbusters, bombs, cult faves, rare gems, classics, groundbreakers, gorefests, space operas, sorcery, Euro-splatter, and everything in between. From features, made-for-televsion, and straight-to-video, here are all the films you love and hate; the films you forgot about and never knew existed. Horror and science fiction fans will find films that matter and films that splatter in one critical and humorous guide. Featuring thousands of capsulized reviews, a five-star rating system, hundreds of obscure and rare titles & more.






Tarzan Movie Books



“Kings Of The Jungle” : An Illustrated Reference to Tarzan on Screen & Television by David Fury
Book Description

Cast, production credits, release date and running times are provided for each of the Tarzan films. The plot synopses include the storyline, background information on the making of the film and contemporary critical commentary. Also examined is Tarzan on television, from the TV movie “Tarzan And The Trappers” (1958) to the 1991 series. Heavily illustrated. Author David Fury is a freelance writer and songwriter from Minneapolis, Minnesota.




Martial Arts Cinema Books

“Hong Kong Action Cinema” by Bey Logan
Book Description
This is the most colorful and entertaining history of Hong Kong action cinema available. Bey Logan traces the genre from its genesis in the late 1940s until the 1990s, enhancing his story with biographies, select filmographies, and 10-best lists. Though Logan focuses on superstars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and John Woo, he also takes time to describe how Hong Kong action cinema blends with other genres. He devotes chapters of his book to Hong Kong comedy, horror, and fantasy as well as to the series of action films that feature female protagonists. Logan concludes the book by looking toward the future of this cinema and the "New Dragons Rising" who could be its next stars.






Television Books


Cult TV: The Detectives” by Jon E. Lewis & Penny Stempel
Book Description
From the earliest days of TV, detective shows have been among the most popular forms of broadcast entertainment. For those who grew up with these shows, characters like Perry Mason and Miss Marple are like old friends. This book covers the full range of detective shows including action dramas like Starsky and Hutch, cerebral whodunits such as Inspector Morse, private-eye shows like Magnum, and police dramas including NYPD Blue. This compulsively browsable A­Z companion features full cast (including guest stars) and production details for over 200 entries, as well as behind-the-scenes trivia, fascinating anecdotes, and photos to bring back the memories. As in good detective drama, no ground is left uncovered.

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