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Muscle Men Of Peplum

Peter Lupus

This US muscleman (known in his early career as Rock Stevens) made his film debut as bodybuilder Flex Martian in the Frankie Avalon surf flick “Muscle Beach Party” before going to Italy to star in peplums such as “Goliath At The Conquest Of Damascus” (1964), “Hercules & The Tyrants Of Babylon” (1964),  “Challenge Of The Gladiator” (1965) & “Giant Of The Evil Island” (1965) . In the later half of the 1960’s Peter moved to the small screen to star alongside Peter Graves in the popluar TV series “Mission Impossible” (1966 - 1973).

Peter Lupus Fact File:

Birth Name: Peter Lupus

Date Of Birth: 17th June 1932

Place Of Birth: Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Height: 6’ 4”

Spouse:Sharon M. Hildebrand (1960 - Present)

Peter Lupus

Peter Lupus Film Appearances on VHS & DVD :

Hercules And The Tyrants Of Babylon(1963) VHS
Rock Stevens (later Peter Lupus of "Mission: Impossible" fame), as Hercules, is called on to save the Queen of Helledes, a ruler desired by the evil king of Babylon and his three sleazy siblings. Hercules has his work cut out for him, but the large club he wields helps matters.

Goliath At The Conquest Of Damascus(1964) VHS
When an exiled king gets in trouble, the mighty Goliath comes to his rescue, helping him regain his throne. Rock Stevens, Helga Line star in this European sword-and-sandler, featuring rugged battle sequences.

Muscle Beach Party (1964)/Ski Party [DVD](1965) DVD
Surf's up! Frankie and Annette sure have their hands full in this one, what with gym owner Don Rickles and his musclemen (look out for Peter Lupus) trying to take over the beach, lovesick heiress Luciana Paluzzi trying to snare Frankie, and Little Stevie Wonder stopping by to perform "Happy Street." With Morey Amsterdam, Buddy Hackett. Next up, Frankie trades in his spoon for some slats and hits the slopes with Dwayne Hickman to find out why their gals are swooning over ski bum Aron Kincaid...with the guys resorting to dressing up as girls! Songs include "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by James Brown, "Lots, Lots More" and "Ski Party." With Deborah Walley, Yvonne Craig, Lesley Gore. 186 min. total. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles.

Police Squad: Help Wanted(1982) VHS
The zany, short-lived cop show spoof that spawned the "Naked Gun" films stars Leslie Nielsen as inept detective Frank Drebin and Alan North as his partner. Also stars Peter Lupus as Norberg. These first three episodes feature cameos by Lorne Greene, Tommy Lasorda, Florence Henderson and others. 75 min.

Assassination [DVD](1987) DVD
Charles Bronson's back as an iron-tough secret serviceman with the thankless job of safeguarding uncooperative First Lady Jill Ireland. After several near misses on her life, though, she knows she needs him...and he knows he'll need all the deadly skill he can muster. Michael Ansara, Jan Gan Boyd co-star. 88 min. Widescreen (Enhanced) and Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French; theatrical trailer.

Hangfire(1990) VHS
An all-star cast highlights this gripping thriller about two tough Vietnam veterans who call on their military experience when they try to stop escaped cons from terrorizing a small town. Brad Davis, Jan-Michael Vincent, Yaphet Kotto, Lou Ferrigno, Kim Delaney, Lyle Alzado and George Kennedy star. 89 min.

The Nutt House(1992) VHS
In this outrageous farce, a lunatic with multiple personalities escapes from a mental hospital to search for his identical twin brother, a successful politician. When the two siblings reunite, unpredictable slapstick wackiness abounds. Traci Lords, Stephen Kearny and Amy Yasbeck star; co-written by Alan Smithee, Jr. and Sr. AKA: "The Nutty Nut." 90 min. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings(1994) VHS
Creepy Pumpkinhead is resurrected by a group of teenagers and the terror soon begins again. But this time, the creature carries the soul of a young boy who was brutally killed years earlier. Can the monster be destroyed and the child saved? Ami Dolenz, Linnea Quigley and "First Brother" Roger Clinton star. 88 min.


Peter Lupus in “Mission Impossible” :

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Mission Impossible
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The Best Of Mission: Impossible VHS
"Your mission, should you decide to accept it," is to watch these suspense-filled episodes from the classic 1966-73 TV espionage series, as the members of the top-secret Impossible Missions Force take on dangerous assignments across the globe. Steven Hill, Peter Graves, Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Greg Morris and Peter Lupus star.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 1 VHS
The series pilot finds original IMF team leader Dan Briggs (Steven Hill) leading the squad into a despot's Caribbean stronghold to disarm and recover two nuclear warheads. Next, Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) and company must stop "The Photographer," whose fashion background is a cover for an international spy ring, from unleashing a deadly virus. 103 min.


The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 2 VHS
In "The Carriers," the IMF agents infiltrate a training center for enemy spies behind the Iron Curtain; George Takei guest stars. Next, a priceless art treasure must be retrieved from an unscrupulous dealer and returned to the country it was stolen from in "The Seal," with Darren McGavin. 103 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 3 VHS
Master-of-disguise Rollin Hand (Martin Landau) stages his most perilous impersonation in order to bring down America's deadliest crime syndicate in the two-part tale, "The Council." 103 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 4 VHS
The leader of an African revolutionary force and a fortune in stolen gold are the IMF's targets in "The Mercenaries," with Pernell Roberts. Then, Phelps must decide whether or not to make "The Exchange" when Cinnamon (Barbara Bain) is captured. 103 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 5 VHS
In order to protect a double agent, the IMF squad plays an elaborate game of deceptions with an enemy investigator in "The Mind of Stefan Miklos," featuring Ed Asner. Martin Sheen guest stars in "Live Bait," in which the rescue of a captured American agent is complicated by an explosive booby trap. 103 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 6 VHS
The rescue attempt of an important scientist and his wife from behind the Iron Curtain is threatened by a mysterious assassin in the two-parter "The Bunker." Lee Meriwether guest stars. 103 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 7 VHS
In the two-part episode "Old Man Out," the IMF poses as a carnival troupe in order to bust an elderly cardinal, leader of a group of freedom fighters trying to overthrow a corrupt government, out of prison. Mary Ann Mobley guest stars. 103 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 8 VHS
An elaborate scheme to outwit a ruthless terrorist out to wreak havoc on L.A. is launched in "Operation Rogosh," starring Fritz Weaver. Then, in "The Train," featuring William Windom, the death of a prime minister is staged to capture his sinister underling. 103 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 9 VHS
Boxing great Sugar Ray Robinson guest stars along with Robert Conrad in the two-part "The Contender," as the IMF goes undercover inside the ring to thwart a shady promoter out to take over sports with the profits from fixed boxing matches. 92 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 10 VHS
In the two-part "The Controllers," Phelps leads a team that includes disguise expert Paris (Leonard Nimoy) and guest star Dina Merrill to try to stop Turek, a brilliant but diabolical scientist, from unleashing a mind-altering drug upon the world. 102 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 11 VHS
Robert Conrad is "The Killer," a professional assassin who proves to hard to catch for the IMF squad, which includes guest Lesley Ann Warren. And in "Cocaine," William Shatner is a drug dealer who must be tricked into revealing the location of a massive cocaine shipment to Phelps, who poses as a shady nightclub owner. 103 min.

The Best Of Mission: Impossible, Vol. 12 VHS
In "The Puppet," Roddy McDowall guests as a crime boss whose multi-million dollar enterprise draws the attention of the IMF, who have some tricks up their sleeve in an ambush plot. Then, in "The Pendulum," Dean Stockwell is the leader of a terrorist group targeting the U.S. government and wanted by the IMF. 102 min.


Peter Lupus Videos & DVDs - Complete List :

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Muscle Men Of Peplum Posters :

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