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The Many Faces Of Robin Hood

Richard Greene

Richard Greene as Robin Hood

“The Adventures Of Robin Hood”
Starring Richard Greene:
Handsome, British born actor from a showbiz family whose career began with small appearances in the 1930’s & 1940’s before easing into starring roles in the 1950’s in films such as “The Desert Hawk”   (1950), “Lorna Doone” (1951), “Captain Scarlet”  (1953) & later as Robin Hood in the popular TV series “The Adventures Robin Hood” (1955 - 1960). A spin-off, big screen Robin Hood film followed, titled, “Sword Of Sherwood Forest” (1960) & in 1991 three episodes of the 1950’s TV series were remastered & edited together with a new music score to produced the feature film “Robin Hood The Movie” which later became a popular on both video & DVD.     

Fact File
Birth Name: Richard Greene

Date Of Birth: 25th August 1918

Place Of Birth : Plymouth, Devon, England, UK

Date Of Death: 1st June 1985

Place Of Death: Norfolk, England, UK

Spouses:Patricia Medina (1941-51)
Beatriz Summers (1960 - 1980)

Film Debut: “Sing As We Go” (1934 bit part)

Richard Greene

Richard Greene as Robin Hood on VHS

Richard Greene as Robin Hood
Richard Greene as Robin Hood
The Adventures Of Robin Hood: The Coming Of Robin Hood(1955) VHS
Richard Greene stars in "The Coming of Robin Hood," the debut episode of the TV adventure series as Sir Robin of Locksley, who, with his trusted Merry Men by his side, battles the evil Prince John in order to restore the throne of England to King Richard the Lionhearted. With Alan Wheatley, Leo McKern, Gerard Heinz and Alfie Bass. 25 min.

Robin Hood With Richard Greene VHS - Features "The Truce" and "Isabella."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, No. 1 VHS - Includes "Tables Turned" and "Elixir of Youth."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 1 VHS - Includes "Children of the Greenwood" and "The Miser."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 2 VHS - Includes "The Thorkhil Ghost" and "Quickness of the Hand."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 3 VHS - Includes "A Year and a Day" and "Secret Mission."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 4 VHS - Includes "The Youthful Menace" and "The Prisoner."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 5 VHS - Includes "The Highlander" and "Isabella."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 6 VHS - Includes "The May Queen" and "Goodbye Little John."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 7 VHS - Includes "An Apple for the Archer" and "The Youngest Outlaw."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 8 VHS - Includes "Tables Turned" and "The Bandit of Brittany."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 9 VHS - Includes "The Dream" and "The Traitor."
The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Vol. 10 VHS - Includes "Roman Gold" and "A Village Wooing."


Richard Greene Videos & DVDs Complete List

Click here for complete list of "Richard Greene Movies"


Richard Greene’s Top 10 Movies on DVD & VHS

Stanley & Livingstone(1939) VHS
An epic, true-to-life adventure starring Spencer Tracy as the 19th-century journalist who travels to the mysterious jungles of Africa to find the famed Scottish missionary (Sir Cedric Hardwicke). With Nancy Kelly, Richard Greene and Walter Brennan. 101 min.

The Little Princess [DVD](1939) DVD
Warmly remembered tearjerker stars Shirley Temple as a Victorian waif searching for her father, a soldier who was reported killed in the Boer War. With Cesar Romero, Arthur Treacher, Ian Hunter & Richard Greene. Shirley's first color film. 93 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

If This Be Sin(1950) VHS
Set on the Isle of Capri, this romantic drama stars Myrna Loy as a workaholic's wife whose flirtations attract an attractive younger man. Word of the relationship reaches Loy's husband and daughter, but she proves faithful by helping her husband when he falls ill. Peggy Cummins, Roger Livesey and Richard Greene also star. AKA: "That Dangerous Age." 70 min.

The Shadow Of The Eagle(1950) VHS
Empress Catherine the Great of Russia hires an assassin to kill Princess Tarakanova, but when the assassin falls in love with the princess he takes off with her and goes into hiding. The couple must elude the Empress's forces in order to survive. Richard Greene, Valentina Cortesa, Binnie Barnes star. 93 min.

Coriolanus(1951) VHS
Shakespeare's tragedy is given a fascinating modern dress treatment which shifts the setting from the Roman Empire to Il Duce's Fascist Italy. A literate "Westinghouse Studio One" presentation with Richard Greene, Judith Evelyn, and Tom Poston. 60 min.

Captain Scarlett(1953) VHS
Richard Greene duels and romances in this action film set in 19th-century France. A nobleman becomes the mysterious Captain to protect citizens from the tyrannical Royalists. With Leonora Amar. 75 min.

Contraband Spain(1955) VHS
In this British thriller, Richard Greene plays an American agent who enlists the help of a chanteuse and a customs officer to stop a group of counterfeiters on the French/Spanish border. Anouk Aimee, Michael Denison co-star. 82 min.

Kiss And Kill (The Blood Of Fu Manchu)(1968) VHS
The evil Fu Manchu plans to murder several world leaders by seducing them first with slave girls. Scotland Yard is called on to stop his diabolical scheme, but can they get to Fu in time? Christopher Lee, Richard Greene star. AKA: "Against All Odds," "Blood of Fu Manchu." 93 min.

The Castle Of Fu Manchu(1969) VHS
Christopher Lee portrays the sinister Asian genius, who terrorizes the globe by threatening to freeze the world's water with his latest invention. With Richard Greene, Maria Perschy, Tsai Chin; Jess Franco directs. AKA: "Assignment: Istanbul." 87 min.

Tales From The Crypt(1971) VHS
Five travellers are trapped in a tomb with the sinister Crypt Keeper (Ralph Richardson), who tells them each a shocking story of their future--or is it their past?--in this chilling Amicus anthology based on the infamous E.C. horror comics of the '50s. Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Richard Greene, Patrick Magee and Nigel Patrick star. 92 min.


Robin Hood Posters
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