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Scarlett Johansson

New York born actress who got her big acting break at the tender age of 10 in the Bruce Willis flick “North”   (1994). Scarlett has since won critical acclaim for her performances in “Manny & Lo” (1996), “The Horse Whisperer” (1998), “Ghost World” (2000), “Lost In Translation” (2003) & “Girl With A Pearl Earring”(2003).

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Fact File:

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson
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Birth Name:Scarlett Johansson

Date Of Birth: 22nd Nov. 1984

Place Of Birth: New York, USA

Height: 5’ 4”

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark blonde

Film Debut: “North” (1994)

Breakthrough Film:
“The Horse Whisperer” (1998)

Signature Film:
“Lost In Translation” (2003)

* Scarlett has a twin brother named Hunter

* Scarlett won a “Young Star” Award for her performance in “The Horse Whisperer”.

Scarlett Johansson Movie Appearances on DVD

Just Cause [DVD](1995) DVD
Kinetic thriller starring Sean Connery as an eminent lawyer and Harvard professor who tries to save an African-American in the Deep South awaiting execution for raping and killing a young girl. Connery's investigation leads him to a cop with questionable scruples and a serial killer imprisoned in a Florida jail. Laurence Fishburne, Kate Capshaw, Blair Underwood and Ed Harris co-star. 102 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital stereo, French Dolby Digital stereo; scene access; interactive menus.

If Lucy Fell [DVD](1996) DVD
Sarah Jessica Parker, a therapist, and Eric Schaeffer, a teacher and painter, are roommates and best friends who made a pact that if they had not found true love by the age of 30, they would jump off the Brooklyn Bridge together. As the clock ticks down, each thinks they've met their perfect companions...or have they? With Elle Macpherson, Ben Stiller; co-written and directed by Schaeffer. 93 min. Widescreen (Enhanced) and Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital Surround, French Dolby Digital stereo, Spanish Dolby Digital stereo, Portuguese Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English, Korean, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai; theatrical trailers; scene access.

Manny & Lo [DVD](1996) DVD
Captivating indie road movie about two parentless young sisters who flee separate foster homes and take off in their dead mother's rickety station wagon for an incredible odyssey. When 16-year-old Lo learns she's pregnant, she and 11-year-old Manny decide to get help by kidnapping a maternity-store clerk, whom they eventually befriend. With Aleksa Palladino, Scarlett Johansson and Mary Kay Place. 89 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital Surround.

Home Alone 3 [DVD](1997) DVD
A new kid and some new crooks add up to another round of hilarious home-defense hi-jinks, as suburban Chicago youngster Alex D. Linz comes up with some ingenious gimmicks to foil a group of industrial spies who are after a stolen computer chip hidden inside Linz's toy car. Lenny Von Dohlen, Olek Krupa, David Thornton also star. 102 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital stereo, French Dolby Digital stereo, Spanish Dolby Digital stereo; Subtitles: English; theatrical trailer; scene access.

The Horse Whisperer [DVD](1998) DVD
Robert Redford directed and stars in this poignant treatment of Nicholas Evans' hit novel. He's a Montana horse expert called on by New York magazine editor Kristin Scott Thomas to tame her horse, that's been troubled by a recent fall. Redford also lends emotional support to Thomas' handicapped daughter (Scarlett Johansson), while becoming romantically involved with Thomas. With Sam Neill. 169 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, French; trailer.

An American Rhapsody [DVD](2001) DVD
Scarlett Johansson recounts her life as a young girl who is raised by a foster family in Communist Hungary during the 1950s after her real parents are forced to seek asylum in America without her. Years later, her parents acquire a visa for her and she is brought to Los Angeles, where Johansson experiences culture shock, a family she doesn't know and an uncertain future. Nastassja Kinski, Tony Goldwyn also star. 106 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Surround; Subtitles: English; audio commentary; theatrical trailer.

Ghost World [DVD](2001) DVD
For sardonic high schoolers and best buds Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson, the world around them is filled with living targets for their scorn and amusement. But when graduation leads to a stormy entry into adult life and Birch becomes obsessed with the target of one of their pranks, nebbishy jazz record collector Steve Buscemi, the girls' friendship--and their lives--is changed. Based on the underground comic series by Daniel Clowes, director Terry Zwigoff's ("Crumb") bleak and biting seriocomedy also stars Brad Renfro, Bob Balaban and Illeana Douglas. 111 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; "making of" featurette; music video; deleted scenes; alternate scenes; theatri

The Man Who Wasn't There [DVD](2001) DVD
In the Coen Brothers' black-and-white take on film noir, Billy Bob Thornton is a quiet barber in a small California town in 1949 who sees an opportunity to make a name for himself by investing in the hot new business of dry cleaning. But his plans to get the cash by blackmailing department store heir James Gandolfini--boss and lover of Thornton's wife, Frances McDormand--backfire, leading the barber on a downward spiral. Tony Shalhoub, Jon Polito, Michael Badalucco, Scarlett Johansson also star. 116 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; audio commentary by the Coen Brothers, Thornton; deleted scenes; "making of" documentary; filmographies; photo gallery; interviews; theatrical trailer.

Eight Legged Freaks [DVD](2002) DVD
David Arquette is a mining engineer who returns to his small Arizona town, only to be thrust into action when a chemical spill turns hundreds of spiders into mutant monsters the size of SUVs. Joining Arquette in the battle are sexy single mother sheriff Kari Wuhrer and paranoid radio station owner Doug E. Doug. Eileen Ryan, Tom Noonan and Scarlett Johansson also star in this quirky sci-fier that delivers tremors of laughter and scares. 99 min. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English, Spanish, French; alternate ending; deleted scenes; audio commentary; bonus short; theatrical trailer; DVD-ROM content.

Lost In Translation [DVD](2003) DVD
In Sofia Coppola's lyrical romantic tale, Bill Murray is a past-his-prime American movie star who comes to Tokyo to shoot a television commercial. While staying at the hotel, the married Murray meets compatriot Scarlett Johansson, the young, frustrated wife of celebrity photographer Giovanni Ribisi. The two lonely souls strike up a friendship while watching TV, singing karaoke, and going to parties, but can their relationship go any further? With Anna Faris, Catherine Lambert. 102 min. Standard; Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: French, Spanish; deleted scenes; "making of" documentary; interviews; music video; theatrical trailer; more.


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