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Spaghetti Cowboys

Jack Elam
Lee Van Cleef
Jack Elam
Terence Hill
Franco Nero
Henry Fonda
Yul Brynner
Henry Fonda
Tomas Milian
Anthony Steffan

Clint Eastwood:
Tall, tough, lean & handsome Clint established himself as America’s favorite tough guy after moving from bit parts in B-grade films to TV’s ”Rawhide” to Italian Spaghetti Westerns to his trademark role of modern day super cop “Dirty Harry” and later Oscar winning Director for “Unforgiven”.

Jack Palance:
This lanky, 6’ 3” actor with the menacing looks played heroes & villains for over 50 years,  specializing mainly in larger than life  bad guys such as the vicious killer in the classic western “Shane”, but it wasn’t until 1992 that he won critical acclaim & an  Oscar for “City Slickers”.

Jack Elam:                  
From his very first film appearance as the killer in the cowboy short “Trailin’ West”, Jack established himself as a popular supporting star in both TV & film. In well over 100 roles during the past 50 years Jack has played both hero and villain, mainly in his preferred genre, westerns.

Terence Hill:
After small appearances in action adventures such as “Hannibal”, “The Wonders Of Aladdin” & “7 Seas To Calais” Terence hit the big time when he teamed up with Bud Spencer for “God Forgives I Don’t” & later the spaghetti  spoof “They Call Me Trinity” that made him an international star.

Franco Nero:                           This Handsome, blue eyed, Italian film star made his mark in Spaghetti westerns such as “Django”, “A Professional Gun” & “Companeros” , while taking Hollywood by storm with appearances in “The Bible”,  “Camelot”, “Force 10 From Navarone”, “Enter The Ninja” & “Die Hard 2”.

Charles Bronson:
Playing sympathetic tough guys for over 50 years, craggy faced, Charles Buchinski, known in Italy as “IL Brutto”, starred in westerns (Red Sun), war dramas (Dirty Dozen) & cop thrillers (Stone Killer) before finding his signature role as the vigilante in the “Death Wish” film series.

Yul Brynner:
This charismatic & versatile actor with the trademark bald head & distinct voice won world recognition & an Oscar for his performance in “The King & I”. Other notable big screen films include, “10 Commandments” (56), “The Magnificent 7” (60), “Taras Bulba” (62),“Adios Sabata”
 (71) & Westworld” (1973).

Henry Fonda:                          


Tomas Milian:                          


Anthony Steffan:                  


Eli Wallach
Lee Van Cleef
Lex Barker
Bud Spencer
Giuliano Gemma
Woody Strode
Gordon Mitchell
Klaus Kinski
Gian Marie Volonte
George Hilton

Eli Wallach:
After winning a BAFTA award in his first film “Baby Doll” (1956), Eli spent the next 50 years playing good guys & bad guys in films such as “The Misfits”, “The Magnificent 7”,  “Genghis Khan”, “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”, “Ace High”, “The Deep”, “Tough Guys”,  & “The Godfather Part 3” .

Lee Van Cleef:
After gaining attention as henchman, Jack Colby, in “High Noon”, Lee Van Cleef flip-flopped from hero to villain in both A grade & B grade westerns, his most memorable films being “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”, “Sabata”, “Captain Apache”, “El Condor”,  & “The Magnificent 7 Ride”.

Lex Barker:
School Football star & athlete who became Weissmuller’s successor in the film “Tarzan’s Magic Fountain”. 4 more Tarzan adventures followed for Lex before he moved to Europe to star in numerous action films, most notably as Old Shatterhand in the “Winnetou” film series.

Bud Spencer:
This former Italian Olympic swimmer struck gold when he teamed up with Terence Hill to star in  a fistful of spaghetti westerns which included “Ace High”, “Boot Hill” & “They Call Me Trinity” before becoming a star in his own right with films such as “Buddy Goes West” “Flatfoot” & “Banana Joe”.

Giuliano Gemma
Popular Italian actor  (sometimes credited as Montgomery Wood) who made a name for himself in peplum epics & stylish spaghetti westerns before becoming Italy’s answer to Robin Hood in the 1970 swashbuckler “Long Live Robin Hood” (aka “The Scalawag Bunch”).

Woody Strode:
Former football player & wrestler who made his mark with roles  in jungle adventures, gladiator films & westerns. Some of Woody’s most memorable film appearances include, “Spartacus”, “Tarzan’s 3 Challenges”, “Sergeant Rutledge”, “Shalako” & “The Professionals” (1966).

Gordon Mitchell:
After a string of bit parts in Hollywood films ( mostly uncredited), this US body builder found fame & fortune starring in peplums & spaghetti westerns. His most notable films include “Achilles”, “Atlas Against The Cyclops”, “The Giant Of Metropolis”, “Ballad Of Django” & “Savage Guns”.

Klaus Kinski:                          


Gian Marie Volonte:                          


George Hilton:                        

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