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The Bond Girls

Ursula Andress
Barbara Bach
Daniela Bianchi
Honor Blackman
Sophie Marceau
Tanya Roberts
Rosamund Pike
Barbara Carrera
Teri Hatcher
Carole Bouquet

Ursula Andress:
After small parts in Italian films, Ursula won the role of Honey Ryder, opposite Sean Connery,  in the first Bond film, Dr. No. Ursula’s bikini-clad entrance, which was later copied by Halle Berry, is yet to be equaled & remains to this day one of the most memorable moments in cinema history

Barbara Bach:                  
After making appearances in foreign films for nearly a decade Barbara got her big break when she was cast as Major Anya Amasova in the Roger Moore Bond flick “The Spy Who Loved Me”, more big roles  followed including “Force 10 From Navarone” & “Caveman” with husband Ringo Starr.

Daniela Bianchi:
This Italian born beauty & former Miss Rome winner got her big break when she was cast opposite Sean Connery in the Bond classic “From Russia With Love”. Other Spy films followed for Bianchi, most notably, “Operation 007”, “The Last Chance” & “Requiem For A Secret Agent” (1967).

Honor Blackman:
When Honor became the infamous Pussy Galore in the Sean Connery Bond epic “Goldfinger”, she was no newcomer to films, she was the female star of TV’s “The Avengers” & had already appeared in films such as “The Glass Tomb”, “A Night To Remember” & “Jason & The Argonauts”.

Sophie Marceau:
Daughter of a truck driver who got her film break when she was cast  in the French teen flick “La, Boum” (aka “The Party”). Bigger & better roles followed in “D’Artagnan’s Daughter” & “Braveheart” before Sophie become a Bond Girl in “The World Is Not Enough” (1999).

Tanya Roberts:
Former dance instructor & model whose acting career began in TV commercials before she eased into TV & film roles, most notably,  “Charlie’s Angels”, “The Beastmaster”, “Hearts & Armour”, “Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle” & Roger Moore’s final Bond film “A View To A Kill” (1985). 

Rosamund Pike:
After a string of British TV appearances Rosamund got her big break when she was cast as Bond Girl Miranda Frost, opposite Pierce Brosnan in “Die Another Day” (2002). A starring role in the drama “Castle Of Lies” (2003), opposite film veteran James Caan soon followed

Barbara Carrera:
A former model with exotic looks who first gained notice with a Golden Globe nomination for her work in “The Master Gunfighter”. Big roles followed in “I, The Jury”, “Condorman”, “Lone Wolf McQuade” & “Never Say Never Again” for which she earned herself a 2nd Golden Globe nomination.

Teri Hatcher:
Former cheerleader & university student who made her mark playing Lois Lane in the very successful TV series “Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman”. Film roles soon followed such as “Heaven’s Prisoners”, “2 Days In The Valley” & the bond flick “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

Carole Bouquet:
Stunningly attractive French actress who gained immediate world attention when she was cast opposite Roger Moore in the Bond flick “For Your Eyes Only”. Most of Carole’s film appearances have been in foreign productions, most notably, “Bingo Bongo” & “Murder Near Perfect”.

Halle Berry
Britt Ekland
Diana Rigg
Izabella Scorupco
Michelle Yeoh
Carey Lowell
Denise Richards
Kim Basinger
Luciana Paluzzi
Maud Adams

Halle Berry                         Halle has done it all, she went from “X-Men” to “Swordfish” to “Bond Girl” to “Academy Award” in just two short years. James Bond producers were so impressed with her tough gal image that there was even talk of her character “Jinx” appearing in a female Bond spin-off film.

Britt Ekland:
This Swedish beauty began her acting in a traveling theater before going to Italy to star in films. Soon after she met & married US actor Peter Sellers who cast her in his film “After The Fox”.  Britt’s career peaked when she starred with Roger Moore in “The Man With The Golden Gun”.

Diana Rigg:
Popular British actress who made her mark as Emma Peel in the 60’s TV Spy series “The Avengers” before starring opposite one-time Bond, George Lazenby, in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Diana has the distinction of being the only Bond Girl to become Mrs. Bond.

Izabella Scorupco:
This Swedish born model, with singing ambitions had a few albums under her belt before making her Hollywood debut playing a  slick Russian computer specialist opposite Pierce Brosnan in the big budget Bond flick, “Goldeneye”, roles in “Vertical Limit” & “Reign Of Fire” followed.

Michelle Yeoh:                   This Former Miss Malaysia used her dance skills & good looks to ease into Hong Kong action flicks opposite big name stars such as Jackie Chan, before moving to Hollywood to star as a Bond Girl & later in the Oscar winning Kung Fu spectacular “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”.

Carey Lowell:
Daughter of a geologist who spent a good part of her childhood traveling the world with her father before becoming a model & later an actress. Carey starred opposite Timothy Dalton in his final Bond film “License To Kill”   (1989). Carey is currently married to Richard Gere.  

Denise Richards:
High school cheerleader & former model who gained world attention with her steamy performance opposite Matt Dillon & Neve Campbell in “Wild Things” before becoming a Bond girl  in “The World Is Not Enough” (1999). In 2002 Denise married actor Charlie Sheen.  

Kim Basinger:
Former model who got her big acting break & world recognition when she was cast opposite Sean Connery in the unofficial Bond flick “Never Say Never Again”. Kim’s career continued to flourish during the 1980’s & 1990’s until it reached a peak with an Oscar win for “L.A. Confidential” (1997).

Luciana Paluzzi:
Italian beauty who began her acting career with an uncredited appearance in the romance classic “Three Coins In A Fountain”. Her film roles included foreign & Hollywood productions, most notably, “Hercules”, “Muscle Beach Party”, “To Trap A Spy”, “Thunderball” & “Murder For Sale” (1968).

Maud Adams:
This Swedish born model has the distinction of being the only actress to  star in two Bond films, “The Man With The Golden Gun” & “Octopussy” (both with Roger Moore). Rumour has it that Maud also appeared briefly in a crowd scene for Roger’s last Bond film “A View To A Kill” (1985).

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