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Tom Tyler

“The Adventures Of Captain Marvel” (1941) &
“The Phantom” (1943) starring Tom Tyler:

New York born actor who began his film career with small parts in silent westerns & later B-grade talkies. Tom played the villain who takes on John Wayne in the western classic “Stagecoach” (1939) & teamed up with Zorro star Reed Hadley as one of the James brothers in “I Shot Jesse James” (1949)  Tom’s most remembered roles, however, were in 2 big screen super hero serials, “Captain Marvel” (1941) & “The Phantom” (1943).

Tom Tyler as Captain Marvel

Tom Tyler Fact File:

Tom & Jeanne Bates in The Phantom
Tom Tyler as Captain Marvel

Birth Name: Vincent Markowski

Date Of Birth: 9th August 1903

Place Of Birth: Port Henry, New York, USA

Date Of Death: 1st May 1954

Place Of Death: Hamtramck, Michigan, USA

Height: 6’ 1” 1/2

Spouse: Jeanne Martel (? - ?)

Film Debut: Galloping Gallagher (1924).

Tom’s Big Screen Super Hero Serials:
“The Adventures Of Captain Marvel” (1941)
“The Phantom (1943)

Tom’s Final Screen Appearance :
In 1953 Tom saddled up for the last time to star in the 25 minute made for TV western “Crossroad Avenger: The Adventures Of The Tucson Kid”. It is interesting to note that this short film was directed by infamous B-Movie filmmaker Edward D. Wood Jr. (aka Ed Wood).

Trivia: In 1953 Tom’s “Captain Marvel” serial was re-released in cinemas as “Return Of Captain Marvel.

“Captain Marvel” & “The Phantom” Now DVD:

The Adventures Of Captain Marvel [DVD](1941) DVD
Billy Batson is granted the power to become Captain Marvel, the World's Mightiest Mortal, in order to stop the sinister Scorpion from completing a weapon that could make him ruler of the world. Tom Tyler and Frank Coghlan, Jr. star in one of Hollywood's best serials. 12 "Shazam"-tastic episodes; 216 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; theatrical trailer.

The Phantom [DVD](1943) DVD
Tom Tyler stars as the purple-and-black hero of the African jungle, helping fiancee Jeanne Bates' archeologist father locate the Lost City of Zoloz and fending off crooks who want the city and its treasure for themselves, in this classic chapterplay. With Three Stooges foil Kenneth MacDonald and Ace the Wonder Dog as Devil. 15 ghostly chapters. Standard; Soundtrack: English mono; scene access; biographies.


10 of the Best Tom Tyler Movies on VHS & DVD:

The Forty-Niners(1932) VHS
Someone discovers that there's gold in them thar California hills, and the rush begins. But trouble rears its ugly head and Tom Tyler has to step in. With Betty Mack, Al Bridge. 60 min.

Silver Bullet(1934) VHS
When he is appointed sheriff of his violent town, gold prospector Tom Tyler discovers that the city's banker is leader of the ruthless outlaw gang that tried to rob his mine. Determined to stop the crooks, Tom races to prevent the dangerous desperadoes from wreaking more criminal havoc. Jayne Regan, Lafe McKee, Charles King co-star. 55 min.

The Laramie Kid(1935) VHS
Tom Tyler is a rootin', tootin' Western hero with guts, guns and a great desire to entertain. He's out to nab a batch of bad guys, including The Laramie Kid, the baddest of `em all.

Rio Rattler(1935) VHS
These rattlers aren't the kind you'll find at Clyde Peeling's Reptileland, but some two-legged reptiles who murder a local lawman. It's up to Tom Tyler to pin on the badge in his place and defang the desperados. Marion Schilling, Eddie Gibbon also star. 60 min.

Fast Bullets(1936) VHS
Texas Rangers Tom Tyler and Rex Lease are breathin' down the necks of some dad-blamed coyotes who've kidnapped a young woman, and ingeniously outwit the baddies with dummies on horseback in this exciting B oater. 59 min.

Ridin' On(1936) VHS
Tom Tyler takes the weary trail home to find his pop engaged in land warfare with the neighboring ranch. It gets more complicated when Tom falls for the girl next door! Leather-slapping action with Geraine Greear, Rex Lease. 59 min.

Roamin' Wild(1936) VHS
Tom Tyler is a cowboy par excellence in this high-flyin', way-out-West saga. Tom's terrific, ropin', ridin' and shootin'!

Santa Fe Bound(1937) VHS
Tom Tyler is framed for killing a rancher and is forced to pose as an outlaw in this slam-bang action-packed outing. With Jeanne Martel, Richard Cramer. 55 min.

Cheyenne Rides Again(1938) VHS
Action-packed Western has Tom Tyler working his way into an outlaw gang in order to put the kibosh on their plans to take over cattle ranchers' territory. With Lucille Browne, Lon Chaney, Jr., and sidekick Jimmy Fox, who sings "Storybook Cowboy." 62 min.

Stagecoach [DVD](1939) DVD
John Ford's landmark Western tale, following the dramatic journey of a stagecoach and its drivers and passengers across the plains, features John Wayne in a star-making role as the outlaw Ringo Kid. The marvelous cast includes Claire Trevor, Andy Devine, John Carradine, George Bancroft, Tom Tyler and Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winner Thomas Mitchell. 96 min. Standard; Soundtrack: English mono: Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; biographies; theatrical trailers; scene access.


Tom’s Final Film “Crossroad Avenger” Now on VHS :

Crossroad Avenger(1953) VHS
After setting Hollywood ablaze with "Glen or Glenda," writer/director Ed Wood tried his hand at TV work with this rare color pilot for a Western series. Tom Keene stars as the Tucson Kid, a gunslinger framed for killing the sheriff by saloon owner Lyle Talbot. With Tom Tyler, Kenne Duncan, and a cameo on horseback by Wood. This tape also features trailers for other Wood films and a short of trick gunplay by Duncan. 47 min. total.


Tom Tyler Videos & DVDs - Complete List :

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