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Jean Simmons
Cliff Richard
Romola Garai
Pierce Brosnan
Julie Andrews
Roger Moore
Honor Blackman
Richard Johnson
Jacqueline Bisset
Colin Farrell

Jean Simmons:
Popular English actress who was once married to actor Stewart Granger, made her mark in a number of big budget spectacles, most notably, “Androcles & The Lion”, “The Robe”, “The Egyptian” & “ Spartacus”. Jean also received 2 Oscar nominations for “Hamlet” & “The Happy Ending” (1969).

Cliff Richard
Britain’s answer to Elvis who quickly emerged as a successful movie star. His first film “Serious Charge”  (1959) was followed by a string of hit films including “Expresso Bongo” (1960), “The Young Ones” (1961), “Summer Holiday” (1963), “Wonderful Life” (1964) & “Finder’s Keepers (1966).

Romola Garai:
British actress who started her film career in TV roles such as “Perfect” (2001), & “Daniel Deronda” (2002) before making the leap to big screen films, most notably, “Nicholas Nickleby (2002), “I Capture The Castle” (2003), “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights”  (2004) & “Vanity Fair” (04).

Pierce Brosnan:                     When the Bond franchise was at an all-time low,  in the 90’s, Irish born Pierce, star of TV’s “Remington Steele” came to the rescue when he was cast as the world’s favorite super spy. With 4 successful Bond films up his sleeve, Pierce has  established himself as a modern-day cool guy.

Julie Andrews
This polished English actress with a flair for singing, dancing & comedy won a Best Actress Oscar for her big screen film debut in “Mary Poppins”. Other notable films include, “The Sound Of Music”, “10”, “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, “Star”, “Victor/ Victoria” & “The Princess Diaries”.

Roger Moore:                  
From popular TV shows such as “Ivanhoe”, “The Alaskans”, “The Saint” & “The Persuaders”, Roger eased into the role of everybody’s favorite super spy, James Bond  & like his code name OO7, Moore starred in 7 popular Bond flicks from “Live And Let Die” to “A View To A Kill”.

Honor Blackman:
When Honor became the infamous Pussy Galore in the Sean Connery Bond epic “Goldfinger”, she was no newcomer to films, she was the female star of TV’s “The Avengers” & had already appeared in films such as “The Glass Tomb”, “A Night To Remember” & “Jason & The Argonauts”.

Richard Johnson:
Rumor has it that this British born actor was on the small list of names to play James Bond in the original Bond film “Dr. No”. Richard did however manage to star in two of his own secret agent flicks “Deadlier Than The Male” & “Some Girls Do”, as Bond clone Bulldog Drummond.   

Jacqueline Bisset:
This attractive brunette from England had no problem easing out of modeling & into film roles. Jacqueline gained world attention with her revealing wet t-shirt scenes in the underwater adventure “The Deep”. Other notable films include “Bullitt”, ”Airport”, “St. Ives” & “Class”.

Colin Farrell:
This lad from Ireland was given his big break when Director Joel Schumacher cast him in “Tigerland”. Villainous roles followed for Colin  in “Minority Report” & “Daredevil” before playing the great Macedonian hero who conquered the world in Oliver Stone’s historical sword epic “Alexander”.

Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightley
Tommy Steele
Kate Beckinsale
Sean Connery
Diana Rigg
Michael Praed
Rosamund Pike
Richard Todd
Catherine Zeta-Jones

Orlando Bloom:
Popular, English born actor whose body of work in the new millennium suggests he will be around for a long time. Orlando’s most notable films include “The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy”, “Ned Kelly”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Pirates Of The Caribbean” & the new Trojan Horse epic “Troy”.

Keira Knightley:
British born actress who had a number of bit parts to her credit in TV Shows & films including “Star Wars The Phantom Menace” before getting her break as the tomboy soccer player in the teen flick “Bend It Like Beckham”. Epics such as “Pirates Of The Caribbean” & “King Arthur” followed. 

Tommy Steele
One of the first British pop stars to emerge in a similar mold to Elvis Presley. Tommy’s career quickly moved from singing & dancing in London’s hip coffee houses to starring in feature films such as, “The Duke Wore Jeans”, “Half A Sixpence” & “Tommy The Toreador”  (1959).

Kate Beckinsale:
English actress who spent a good part of the 1990’s in & out of romance flicks such as “Emma” (97), “Shooting Fish” (1997) & “The Last Days Of Disco” (98) before becoming a tough gal of the new millennium in action flicks such as “Underworld”  (03), “Van Helsing” (2004) & “Underworld 2” (2005).

Sean Connery:
After  small parts in films such as “Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure” & “Darby O’Gill & The Little People”, Sean won the role of Ian Fleming’s suave super spy James Bond in “Dr. No”, the film that started the secret agent craze of the 60’s that has continued on into the new millennium.

Diana Rigg:
Popular British actress who made her mark as Emma Peel in the 60’s TV Spy series “The Avengers” before starring opposite one-time Bond, George Lazenby, in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. Diana has the distinction of being the only Bond Girl to become Mrs. Bond.

Michael Praed
Robin Of Sherwood
English born stage actor who was performing in “The Pirates Of Penzance” at London’s West End when he was spotted by producers who were casting a new Robin Hood for TV’s “Robin Of Sherwood”. Other roles in TV (Dynasty) & film (Nightflyers) followed.

Rosamund Pike:
After a string of British TV appearances Rosamund got her big break when she was cast as Bond Girl Miranda Frost, opposite Pierce Brosnan in “Die Another Day” (2002). A starring role in the drama “Castle Of Lies” (2003), opposite film veteran James Caan soon followed

Richard Todd
The Story Of Robin Hood
Irish born actor who made an impression early in his career with a Best Actor Oscar nomination for “The Hasty Heart” which was his 2nd film appearance at the time. Other notable films include “The Story Of Robin Hood”, “The Dam Busters” and “The Virgin Queen”.   

Catherine Zeta-Jones:           Welsh born Catherine, now wife of Michael Douglas, was a trained child singer & dancer who  eased into British film & television, before taking Hollywood by storm with performances in “The Mask Of Zorro”, “Entrapment” & her Oscar winning role in the muscial extravaganza “Chicago”.

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