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Muscle Men Of Peplum

Victor Mature

The original Hollywood beefcake, nicknamed “The Hunk”, had been appearing in films for nearly 10 years before starring in the Cecil B. DeMille epic “Samson And Deliah” (1949).  More sword flicks followed, “Androcles & The Lion”, “The Robe”, “Hannibal”, “The Egyptian” & “The Tartars”. In 1966 Vic spoofed his movie star personna in the Peter Sellers comedy “After The Fox”.

Victor Mature as Samson

Victor Mature Fact File:

Song of the Islands
Song of the Islands Poster
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Birth Name:                      Victor Joseph Maturi

Date Of Birth:                    29th January 1915

Place Of Birth:                  Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Date Of Death:                  4th August 1999

Place Of Death:        Rancho, Santa Fe, CA, USA

Nicknames:                        The Hunk                           Beautiful Hunk Of Man

Height: 6’ 2”

Spouses:                          Frances Charles (1938-1940)  Martha Kemp (1941-1943)      Dorothy Berry (1948-1955)    Adrienne Urwick (1959-1969)  Loretta Sebena (1974 - 1999)

Victor Mature Career Highlights:

Debut Film:
The Housekeeper’s Daughter (1939). His reported salary was $100 per week.

Debut Starring Role:
One Million B.C. (1940). His reported salary was $250 per week.

Signature Role:
Played Samson in Cecile B. DeMille’s Biblical Epic “Samson And Delilah” (1949). His reported salary was apparently $50,000.

Classic Western Role:
Played the legendary Doc Holiday in “My Darling Clementine” (1946), opposite Henry Fonda who played Wyatt Earp.

Final Film Appearance:
Played Manoah in the television remake of “Samson And Delilah” (1984)

Famous Quote:I'm no actor, and I've got 64 pictures to prove it”.

Samson and Delilah
Samson and Delilah Poster
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Victor Mature’s Top 10 Movies on VHS & DVD

Song Of The Islands(1942) VHS
Lush Hawaiian scenery and a sarong-clad Betty Grable are just two of the treats on hand in this musical tale of two lovers whose fathers fight over a strip of land both men want. Victor Mature is Betty's burly love interest; Thomas Mitchell, Jack Oakie, Billy Gilbert co-star. 73 min.

My Darling Clementine(1946) VHS
Masterful Western from John Ford about Wyatt Earp's arrival in Tombstone and his blood feud with the Clantons, culminating in a fateful meeting at the O.K. Corral. Henry Fonda is Earp, Walter Brennan is Pa Clanton and Victor Mature is Doc Holliday, Earp's ally. 97 min.

Kiss Of Death(1947) VHS
Superior "noir" crime thriller stars Victor Mature as a crook who turns state's evidence when his gang betrays him and leaves him to rot in jail. Richard Widmark, in his screen debut, is unforgettable as a sadistically giggling killer with an affinity for wheelchair-bound ladies and staircases. With Coleen Gray, Brian Donlevy, Karl Malden. 99 min.

Samson And Delilah(1949) VHS
Cecil B. DeMille's spectacular classic of the long-haired Biblical strongman and the beautiful woman who betrayed him to the Philistines. Stars Victor Mature, Hedy Lamarr, George Sanders and Angela Lansbury. 128 min.

Million Dollar Mermaid(1952) VHS
Esther Williams splashes and shines in this highly Hollywoodized but wholly enjoyable biography of 1890s swimming sensation Annette Kellerman. Fine support from Victor Mature, Walter Pidgeon, Jesse White, plus Busby Berkeley's eye-popping, show-stopping water carnival. 115 min.

Androcles And The Lion(1952) VHS
Travel back to Ancient Rome in this film adaptation of George Bernard Shaw's classic fable of a stalwart slave who removes a thorn from a lion's paw and gains a friend. But will their friendship carry them through a bout at the Colosseum? Alan Young, Jean Simmons and Victor Mature star. 100 min.

The Robe(1953) VHS
Lavish costume drama set during the Crucifixion of Jesus and the birth of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Richard Burton is the centurion whose loyalty to mad emperor Caligula is tested when his lover joins the new faith. Jean Simmons, Jay Robinson, Victor Mature, Michael Rennie co-star. 135 min.

Demetrius And The Gladiators(1954) VHS
The story of Christian persecution in ancient Rome begun in ``The Robe'' continues here, as arena fighter Victor Mature pits his newfound faith against the might of demented emperor Caligula. Also stars Susan Hayward, Jay Robinson, Debra Paget, Michael Rennie, William Marshall and Ernest Borgnine. 101 min.

The Egyptian(1954) VHS
Hollywood's '50s penchant for Bible-based "sword and sandal" epics sometimes sent viewers further back in time, as in this tale of romance, intrigue and murder amidst the pyramids. Edmund Purdom, Jean Simmons, Peter Ustinov, Michael Wilding, Gene Tierney and Victor Mature star. 140 min.

After The Fox [DVD](1966) DVD
Peter Sellers is Italy's top con man, posing as a film director in order to smuggle a cache of gold into the country. Victor Mature is hilarious as an aging matinee idol; Britt Ekland, Akim Tamiroff also star. Written by Neil Simon; directed by Vittorio De Sica. 103 min. Widescreen (Enhanced) and Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby mono, French mono, Spanish mono; Subtitles: English, French, Spanish; trailer.


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